Tell Us Dammit: Thoughts On The iPhone 5?

So the iPhone 5 is here, we know what it looks like, and we know a whole bunch of other stuff. But what are your thoughts? Anyone upgrading? Anyone making the switch to Android?

My initial thoughts were pretty simple: the iPhone 5 looks dated. In terms of design, it looks old. I have an iPhone 4S, and I like it and all, but I look at new Android phones and think, these make my iPhone look a little long in the tooth. I thought the iPhone 5 might herald a slick new design in response to this. But it looks the same! I don't know why I find this disappointing — an iPhone that looks like an iPhone, I shouldn't be surprised! But yeah, I am a little let down.

After buying a Nexus 7 tablet, and absolutely loving the interface, I think my next phone may end up being an Android.


    switched to android since loooooongggg time ago

    Can someone explain the pricing difference between US and Aus? From what I have read, we have to pay upwards of $400 difference?

      The US prices are we've seen are to buy the hhone on a 24 month contract, not for the phone outright.

      I can only account for $50-200 difference. Prices listed in the US don't include tax. Each state has a varying amount of 'sales tax' on tech. I'm not savvy with each state's tax rate, but according to wikipedia, California has 7.25%.

      We don't know the 5's US outright price yet, but a 4S is $549 plus sales tax, so the 5 will likely be more. That's a difference under $177 (ie. more than $549 compared to $799 less GST).

      US iPhone 4S price is from here:
      Pick a colour then click the "Or get iPhone unlocked and contract-free" dropdown.

    The iPhone was not very suprising but I'll probably still get it since I've never had one before. Always preferred iOS over Android because it's much simpler. The new iPods do look pretty good though and I'll definately get one if I don't end up with the iPhone.

    As I mentioned in TAY - i really couldn't care less.
    They have made them slightly thinner and lighter, but they look so much more plastic-y, which is something that troubles me especially when iPhones are notorious for being pretty flimsy as it is.

    Also the pitch of it being a gaming device - i get really tired of hearing this. Touch screens do no make for good gaming devices. Granted there are a few games on smart phones which are pretty good, but all in all, i really don't like gaming on my phone most of the time.

    I'll be sticking with android. But that doesn't say much as i have always avoided Apple products as i just don't see the value in them - so i guess my opionion is somewhat irrelevant.

      What are you talking about? Flimsy? Okay, if you drop your iPhone it'll shatter into a million glass shards. But feeling flimsy? Absolutely not. Probably one of the most well made and nicest feeling handsets available.

        Filmsy! haha ridiculous. an iphone4 is much like an Audi R8. Very shatter-able if you slam it into concrete, but not 'flimsy.'

        as for 'Touch screens do no make for good gaming devices.' - Touch screens do not apply well to games originally designed for different input methods. Touch screens make Fantastic gaming devices.

    Appearance wise, I don't like that two tone thing they've got going on in the back or the fact that the phone is really long and stretched looking. Software wise, I have no idea. I don't really know anything about phones.

    I'm currently using a cheap prepaid phone and decided I should probably upgrade to a good phone. I was waiting till the iPhone 5 announced so I see how it compared to the Galaxy S3 before making my choice on what phone to get. I still have no idea what I should get. As a gamer I want the iPhone because it has a lot more games support, but as I mentioned above, I think the iPhone 5 is physically very ugly and that's turning me off it in a big way.

      You can get a 32GB Galaxy S3 from Kogan right now for $579. Compare that to $899 for the 32Gb iPhone 5... it'd be a pretty easy decision for me, anyway.

    I think their practice of releasing a new iPhone every year is starting to bite them... it's just incremental improvements each time rather than a big leap forward each time. The buzz from last year's iPhone 4S reveal lasted about 48 hours, and so far the response to this seems pretty underwhelming, too. Apple just don't have the WOW! factor they had with the first few iPhones.

    Perhaps they need to start concentrating more on the direction of their products and less on patent litigation. But with the driving force that was Steve Jobs gone, they're starting to look like a becalmed ship. Not sinking, but just not going anywhere interesting, either.

      Yearly releases are the norm now, thanks to how quickly the tech advances; even the Galaxy is updated on an annual basis. And pretty much every major technology company from Microsoft to Google to Dell, etc. is involved in some sort of ridiculous patent lawsuit. But you've got a point at the end there; Apple could have done more to make it a little more interesting.

    I think phones have peaked

      Agreed. Until we have some innovation that goes beyond just a touch screen as an input device I can only see incremental changes.

    I have a shitty 4 that has terrible reception and a fucked home button, but the 5 is so uninspiring I think I'd rather stick with paying $5 less a month on my plan and put up with the "features" my 4 has.

      I have to say that switching from iPhone to a Galaxy Note was amazing in matters of reception. The iPhone's signal degrades immediately the moment you step indoors and gradually gets worse the more walls you put between open air and you to the point t went totally dead inside my office's bathroom.

      I've hardly noticed any signal degradation in my Note, on the other hand. I get almost the same reception inside that bathroom than in the open. It even works well inside a faraday cage of an elevator I really didn't expect any phone could catch a signal through.

    I'm going to annoy everyone by being completely honest: I hope that another smartphone developer makes something better and takes the world by storm so that Apple loses the monopoly on another market. I love Apple's handheld products, but I hate their computers and business ethic, which is why I refuse to buy any of their smartphones etc, because if Apple completely takes over the market in every aspect, true PC usage is gone for good.

      Well put, I think more people will agree with you then be annoyed.

      How is any other companies computer and business ethic different to Apple??? Please clarify.

      Apple's already lost the monopoly on the smartphone market. Android has more than 50% market share and Samsung alone sell twice as many phones per month as Apple do.

    It looks okay, but for me it just doesn't have that 'wow' factor that I got with a lot of earlier iDevices.

    I use android now mostly but could see myself going back if something actually worthwhile came out rather than more "It's slightly faster (and smaller), to the MAX!!!" and this just isn't it.

    Glad I got the S3 a few months back, older and yet still well out in front of the iLame 5.

    About as meh as the 4s announcement was. If next year's iPhone is this boring they're gonna be in trouble.

    I like Apple products a lot, but I'm not thrilled these devices cost around 300% more at retail in Australia compared to the US. I expect some markup for shipping, taxes, etc. but paying 3x as much for the same product when our dollar is basically in parity ... no thanks. :(

      It's not 300%. The US price advertised is included in their phone contracts. A more apt comparison would be saying iPhone 5 is free in Australia.

        I'm basing this on the "Pricing & Availability" section of the following press releases on Apple's site: (US)
        vs (AU)

        I'm not sure how an RRP of $799 for the basic 16GB model is considered free, so I am probably missing something. If you could please take the time to explain this to me, I would be grateful for the information. I am not being sarcastic, BTW. I would genuinely like to know how to meet you at this conclusion.

          Here, this might spell it out for you:

          "From $199 *1"

          "1.Requires new two-year wireless service contract; sold separately to qualified customers. "

            This ^

            The US prices are with a 24month contract. AUS gets it basically free on 24month contract.

            The $799 is to buy the phone outright in AUS, with NO contract. I don't believe you can buy it outright in the US. It's contract or GTFO. Correct me if I'm wrong

            Thank you for your reply, Azza. So what does an unlocked/uncontracted iPhone 5 cost in the US compared to Australia's outright retail cost? I'm not interested in how carriers amortise the cost via contract, I only want to compare direct retail pricing from outright purchase of the hardware. It is unfortunate the press release does not bother to make this distinction.

              We don't know, but a 4S is $549 plus sales tax, so the 5 will likely be more. That's a difference under $177 (ie. more than $549 compared to $799 less GST).

    Don't care, I'm still using a Nokia dumbphone and don't even own a tablet (Nexus 7 is pretty tempting though but I wanna expand the memory)

      Absolutely LOVE my Nexus 7! Best purchase ever.

    Meh, will be sticking with my 4S.

    As an Android user and someone who had little-to-no chance of changing back to an iPhone, I am disappointed. Why? Because I really wish they had NFC and Apple has the fanbase to make anything mainstream. At this rate NFC will never truly take-off. =/

    The new nokia 920 is the phone to watch for.

    "To use a car analogy, six years ago the iPhone was like a sexy new flagship model from BMW or Porsche. Today it's a Toyota Camry. Safe, reliable, boring. The car your mom drives. The car that's so popular that its maker doesn't dare mess with the formula." -

      Stupid analogy. It should be, Today it's a Porsche with less weight, more power and more efficient. Problem is others a building Ferrari's and Lamborghini's.

    I'll be getting a WP8 device, probably Lumia 920. I think Apple are the evil empire, and I thoroughly detest many aspects of the philosophy of the company, and of the late Steve Jobs.

    Now, to answer your question, modest to moderate improvements in all areas to hardware, a better screen-size, all good.
    Abritrarily changing dock connectors WITHOUT conforming to the standard, is bad.
    NFC would've been a nice inclusion, but I doubt we're gonna see an explosion of NFC services in the next 12months, so they can put it in the next version if they want, no biggie

    Overall though, there are niceties, but nothing amazing. Enough to retain many of the faithful, nothing to convince those unconvinced by previous models.

      Agree with you totally on the 920 and Apple's philosophies. However, this article seems to indicate we might see a huge boom in the technology by the end of this year at Coles and Woolworths. So you never know...

      I'am confused how apple is any evil than any other company???? Sick of reading it on these posts. So no other company exists to make money.

        They do a lot of things to gouge consumers i.e. connectors. They've taken advantage of the patent system, forcing other manufactures to do the same and starting a patent war. They're biggest innovation was sourcing from Foxconn in China, even though Foxconn could provide no OHS. Now their competitors also have to use Foxconn or be priced out of the market. They used conflict minerals in their batteries for years, but passed it off as OK as they bought them indirectly (admittedly, a lot of manufacturers are equally guilty of this). They've started a vendetta against Android because Jobs was personally offended that google would develop a smartphone competitor ios.

        Do I need to go on?

          I still dislike EA more mind you.

          Read up on the history of Bill Gates and Microsoft then get back to me.

          You just described every company and every business.

    Not a fan to be honest, I've had iPhones for the past 4 years and I think it's time to part ways. I don't like the look of it with the 2 bars on either end of the back, nor the screen res (16:9 srsly?!?!) not to mention I've had 5 rows/5 columns on my previous iPhones thanks to jail breaking. LTE is a good move, had to be done, but nothing other phones don't have.
    Previously, I was exscited to get my iPhones, when upgrading from the 3G to the 4, I couldn't wait, it was new, different, looked pretty decent and was fast! But this just looks like a slight elongated and slimmed down iPhone 4/S with upgraded internals. Most of the new features will be in iOS 6, not the hardware, and not all features will be available on lower models (iPhone 4 wont get half of the features), not to mention a lot of the features are just playing catch up the competition. Passbook is a good idea if it gets accepted, which knowing Apple it will, but apart from that no real must have feature.

    I think I was just let down because the leaks where right, and I wasn't impressed by the leaks to begin with so my head was already in a down swing in regards to it. That, and I'm totally smitten with the possibility of getting a Nokia 920!

    If it was given to me, I wouldn't say no. There isn't anything to say its worse than a GS3, just comes down to preference, do you like iOS, Android, WP8 etc, what features are you after? Looks like a great phone, but in true Apple style, the upgrades have been incremental, nothing to write home about.

    To me, it seems like Apple is bringing the iPhone in line with the Macbooks, iMac lines, by refreshing yearly with newer tech under the hood, nothing extravagant, but enough to keep it to date. Which is frustrating because they could be innovating, changing the game around, like Samsung has been the past 2 years, and Nokia seem to be doing now. It seems they will be treating the phone market just the same as the PC market, which in the end will possibly loose them sales. They won't disappear or go to bankruptcy, but I can see their market declining.

    I'm not that excited about the 5. I'm upgrading in a few months and I'm looking at either the Galaxy S3, HTC one XL or iPhone 5 (maybe). I'm completely happy with my 4S for now though, so no major rush.

    It's a bloody phone for christ sake! What are people really upgrading for? Most smart phones have internet, email, social networking anywy.
    Besides, when i'm out of the house away from my computer, I don't really have an urge to be connected to the internet 24/7

      I sign up for 2 year contracts, I get my phones for $0..... so I don't save any money by not upgrading.
      Only one of many many reason why people upgrade...
      Why do you upgrade your computer? Why do you buy a new car? Why do you buy a new pair of sunglasses?

      Why is there an economy?

        Computer: When my current PC begins to struggle with anything it is regularly used for and assuming i can budget for it.
        New Car: Don't currently own one, live in the city, when I did, again when it got long in the tooth
        New sunglasses: Because mine break. every time. damnit! To the chemist for cheapies!

        While I don't necessarily think it's something worth getting worked up about, I think I see his point. I know an absurd number of people who get the next iphone just 'because it's the new iphone.' Perhaps the real reason is it's seen as the socially acceptable thing to do, either way chances are if you're going from the iphone 4 to the 5 it's not because you actually require one of the new 'features.'

      These is a really good questions and I don't have an answer to it.
      Bigger screen? - Get a tablet
      Better camera? - Get a camera
      Faster processor? - Uh, you don't have time to wait 10s instead of 3s, really?
      Better resolution? - Wait what, on a tiny device you talk about resolution?
      anyway, just my 2cents.

        Some answers.
        - A tablet doesnt fit in my pocket
        -Why would I want to carry a camera if my phone that I'm carrying anyway can be as good?
        - No, I dont want to wait over 3 times as long for anything. Ever.
        - Yes. Why wouldn't we? Are your eyes that terrible?

    I was considering going back to the iPhone when my current contract ends early next year because I miss the stock music app. Unfortunately, what they've announced is just not competitive with much cheaper phones on the market.

    The mark-up for additional storage is excessive, and you can't use a microSD card. Consequently, the SGS3 can hold almost twice the data. The new cord offers no advantages over MicroUsb, other than being a source of new revenue for apple. No NFC, even though the applications for this are so bloody useful. No wireless charging.

    The camera looks to be OK, but not great. They're talking up panorama shots, as though this isn't something every other phone has. I still think the screen is a bit small.

    The major positive is the battery. It sounds like its very good and this has always been a strength of the iPhone. I imagine for some people, this would be the major reason to grab one.

    I'm thinking I might pick up as Galaxy Note 2 or the Lumia, if I can be convinced to leave the Android ecosystem. I have no doubt I'm not the only one who thinks this is a dud.

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