That Harry Potter-like Spellbook For PlayStation Move Is On Sale In November

Wonderbook; The Book of Spells, the not-really-Harry-Potter-but-endorsed-by-J.K.-Rowling-so-you-think-it-is bundle of game and hardware, is gonna hit shelves in November, Sony said earlier today.

Sony's selling it in two forms: The Wonderbook: Book of Spells Move Bundle, for $US79.99, which comes with the game, a peripheral, and the PlayStation Eye camera and Move controller that makes the whole thing go. Those with the Move and Camera hardware can get Wonderbook: Book of Spells by itself for $US39.99 — note that it still includes the official Wonderbook peripheral.

For more on Wonderbook see this video from back in July.


    Good lord, I thought this monstrosity was canceled

    Game of the year!

      game of the year doesn't cut it, game of the millennium more like it

    The book of spells? This isn't some potty school of wizards, you know!

    But it is Harry Potter; Miranda Goshawk wrote all the Standard Books of Spells.

    It is peculiar that they can't use the Harry Potter name though (Warner Bros...)

    Its actually pretty good, how bout you early fuckers wait before you judge something... oh wait your "gamer"s never mind

    Maybe Sony could convince people to buy it with a drawn out 10min+ presentation showing just how fun it is?

    Maybe, just maybe, its not aimed at jaded gamers like the bunch that read/post here.

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