That Insane, World-Spanning RTS Is Actually Getting Made

When we first saw upcoming RTS Planetary Annihilation earlier this month, it took me days to find my socks, they'd been blown so far away. My excitement was tempered, though, by the fact the amazing trailer was part of a Kickstarter pitch.

And we all know how that roller-coaster goes.

But good news! You and I weren't the only ones who thought it looked cool. Turns out everybody did, as the game has blown right past its target goal of $US900,000, meaning not only will it get made, but there'll be more stuff added.

To celebrate, the team programmed a party robot. As you do.

The game looks like a cross between Spore and Total Annihilation, which should't be too surprising since this also has the word Annihilation in the title and is being made by guys who made Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation.


    Yeah, the narrator is almost word for word the Total Annihilation intro cinematic. Looks kinda funky.

      that's because it IS the narrator from TA

    Total Annihilation + SupCom For The Win!

      Also they get +1 for using nanolathers not the building stuff in Supreme Commander.

    Just pledged $20. Can't wait ^ ^

      I pledged $500 just for kicks.

        Can we please stop with the one-up-manship on this site?

          I doubly think that the one-up-manship should stop!

          That's not one-up-manship though.

          Sort of like how Oprah giving away 500 cars to an audience isn't one-up-manship versus Ellen giving away a copy of Taylor Swift's latest CD. It's in another league. >_>

          I wasnt trying to one-up-manship.
          I was simply getting in on the pledging thing.
          Plus, I loved TA and SupCom, so these guys deserve mah monies.

    that looks awesome!

    ok so I'm ridiculously excited for this. Played TA and SupCom for years.

    This is great news, but you should have at least put a link in somewhere to the Kickstarter page so I could see HOW much it has raised without having to manually go there myself, even just hyperlinking the sentence about it blowing past its goal fuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Oh well, keen az

    It's also the same guy (voice actor that is) doing the narration.
    Well worth the $20 asking price for the full game when it hits (so... a little more than an ol' 'brick and mortar pre-order' money, and then waiting for a year or so (perhaps more) til it hits.)

    They've already got my money, and unless you're religiously anti-kickstarter/Amazon, well worth following!

    TA and SupCom are technically impressive but IMO they're also kinda boring. The maps are really basic so there's a lack of immersion and tactical depth. Combined with the scale it makes commanding feel 'cold' & disconnected.

    On a Planetary scale it's likely going to be even more of a plain, macro affair.

    This is pants wettingly awesome. I love me some TA and Supcom. I've still got FA installed.

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