That's Not A Cosplayer, That's Actually Commander Shepard!

Picture it: You're at DragonCon, enjoying the cosplay during a sunny break away from the con floor. Then yet another guy in a Commander Shepard outfit struts by. There's something different about him, though. He looks familiar. Kinda. Wait, that's the guy who actually players the male version of Commander Shepard's Voice in Mass Effect.

I can't decide if the best thing about this quick video is the incredulity in the fans' voices as they figure out who they're looking at. Or it might be that Meer can go somewhat incognito as a character he plays and whose voice is known by millions all over the world. Either way it's awesome.

[via Twitter]


    Would have been awesome if he had said "I'm Commander Shephard, and this is my favorate convention on the citadel"

    I love that 'Yeeeeah Im the commander and you know it' look on his face lol

    Its cool, but it'd be mroe freaky if they got this guy to walk around in Shepard cosplay:

      LoL Yeah Seeing a Vanderloo-shep coslay would be mindblowing!

        you would also catch yourself looking skyward for the incoming reapers

    Also, the person cosplaying Samara is the actual face model for the character. I'm not sure which of the two are more mind-blowing.

    Very cool.

    Was chatting with the V.O artists on Twitter, and it became a "let's all go next time!" very quickly. Even Ali ("Liara") didn't mind the idea of being painted up, and Courtenay ("Jack") has been dared to shave her head and the like!

    (Apparently considering going to join Mark next time so far: Ali, Jen and Courtenay!)

    Kinda funny that everyone's so used to seeing Rana McAnear in her Samara costume that she's completely unnoticed.

    Its good to see actors actually having a little fun without the publicity stunts.

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