That's One Way To Make Aeris's Death Funnier

I saw this over the weekend and felt like it was a must-share.

Jenova: "Hey Cloud, the puppet store called, they're running out of you."

Aeris dies to Seinfeld theme [YouTube]


    Not only is this not funny it's disrespectful too.
    I just have a different sense of humor I guess.


      How is it disrespectful?

      I'm not sure, but i've never known a polygon to be offended!?!

        of course the character has no feelings but a lot of hard work goes into games like these. This is just like crapping all over it

    yeah this wasn't funny - next it will be to 'gangnam style'

    This should of ended right after she was run through.

    And yeah, Aerith*


    "That's One More Way To Plaster Kotaku's Favourite Spoiler on the Front Page"


    Sorry... just not funny... but then since the title was "That’s One Way To Make Aeris’s Death Funnier", I guess the target audience are those who thought the original scene was funny...

    Ok it did put a smile on my face.

    This would have been better....

    I laughed, I'M SORRY.

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