The Amazing War Between New Video Games And Old Video Games

The Amazing War Between New Video Games And Old Video Games

Well, this brings new meaning to the word “comeback”. In this terrific clip from Freddie Wong and team, retro games invade the modern world, and it’s up to today’s stars to try and stop them.


  • If by “amazing” you mean “very generic for a freddie wong video” then yes. Seriously, haven’t we seen this whole space invaders in a real city thing heaps of times?

  • It had Lara with increasingly tigheter and shorter shorts that showed her butt off.
    LOL Why would they spend so much time focusing on her butt instead of you know focusing on them killing more Old school.
    Also the Altair dude was crap it was just flipping around all the time. I expected to see him jump off a sky scraper and land right on one of the aliens.

  • Haha, brilliant way to make a comment on the difficulty of games these days. Although, Altair wins for the sheer awesomeness of his Parkour skills. That guy rocked.

  • Cool video! Although, you know, might have been better to see Altair actually do something with his incredibly amazing parkour skills. Or, you know, if it were actually a bit of a fight.

    Still, sweet production values!

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