The Atari 2600 Joystick In Its Purest Form

"Pure" can have a lot of interpretations. For artist Andrew Miller and his "Brand Spirit" series of photographed objects, it means removing all traces of brand and colour.

And the results are quite pretty. Stylish, even. Though I can see how that NES controller might be initially confusing to use. I'm not sure my childhood understands.

Brand Spirit [Brand Spirit]


    May 9 2012.

    "removing all traces of brand and colour"

    He forgot to remove the colour white.
    Therefore it is still impure.

    White is the new black.

    Amini is the new Plunkett.

      No. Amini has always been the co-Plunkett.

      Hasn't Amini always been the female version of Plunkett?

    already said a few times,

    its Tina Plunkett

    Like an old dog turd.... Both Tina and the Atari joystick seemingly turn white.

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