The Best Monsters I've Seen So Far In Resident Evil 6

There's something to be said about a well-designed enemy, and Resident Evil 6 has that in spades. They're not just the old-fashioned, shambling zombies of yesteryear; they have personality and visually communicate what their purpose is even from far away. I ended up really growing fond of them!

With that in mind, here are some of the cooler enemies I came across in my playthrough and the George W. Bush nicknames I gave them in my head. I mean, I could list them by their real names, but this is more fun.

"Lennie Small" I really feel like this guy means well, but he just doesn't know his own strength. All he wants is to hug you! But he may end up crushing your ribcage. Tell me about the rabbits again, Leon!

"Daddy Long-Legs" One of the many mutations the J'avo can manifest is a creepy, upside-down spider person. Adorable! Yes, I am aware that daddy long legs are/aren't spiders. Quiet. Neither is this guy.

"Bain Capital" I have very fond memories of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis from growing up. Not even because it was a good game, but because the hulking, unkillable Nemesis was amazing and frightening! In that same vein is Ustanak, aka "Bain Capital". He's a giant, hulking, remorseless killing machine that won't go down no matter how much damage he takes (just like Bain Capital). He also has a retractable hook arm he can use to grab you from the room (also like Bain Capital). Editor's Note: Not everyone thinks Bain Capital is a force of evil. It may simply be misunderstood (just like Lennie small).

"Gassy McGee" Oh man. This guy is a jerk. Have you ever been in an elevator or subway car when someone unapologetically passes gas? If that guy got the C-virus, he'd turn into this thing. He releases a blue gas that causes any and all humans around him to turn into the shambling undead. Oh, also he's a lousy kisser.

"Meatshield McLeecharm" One thing that's interesting about the J'avo is that they're not beholden to just one mutation. Sometimes they have two or three! This guy started out with a giant shield, got a leech arm thingy, and by the time I took him down he got these cool legs that made him jump higher.

"Garfield" Like the cat. Or the president. He looks a lot like a Boomer from Left 4 Dead, except this guy's goal in life is to absorb as many bullets as he can before he goes down. Also, Cadbury Cream Eggs.


    “Meatshield McLeecharm” sounds more like a Prototype than a Res monster. Bet thats where they got the idea too... I mean, a shild, a wavy arm, and jumping higher....

    I figured number 3 would have been more like "Bane Capital"

    Yay. Quicktime events in realtime fights. I love that...

    Welp. No sleep for me tonight.

    Can't unsee Lennie Small.

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