The Boss Will See You Now In NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13 keeps packing off-court roleplaying moments into its career mode, more than any other sports simulation it seems. The release of a couple teaser screenshots today suggests that the player you create in the game's "My Player" singleplayer career can now ask to see your team's general manager to discuss whatever's on your mind.

Typical discussion topics would be playing time, team role, and demanding a trade, but the GM is going to respond to you differently based on your worth to the team. If you keep bothering him, expect a different reaction, too, so understand your leverage and pick your spots if you aren't happy with the team that drafts you.

Last year, the only interaction you had with management came before the draft, when you interviewed with teams who were interested in you, and influenced your draft stock with the quality of the answer you gave. That'll probably return this year, with the twist being that your created My Player can end up getting drafted No. 1

As to the draft, another couple of screenshots reveal that there will be off-court wardrobe customisation options, such as the suit your player wears when he enters the arena or appears at an official function, and the getup he wears for Blacktop events.


    Looks like a good improvement over 2K12, fingers crossed for realistic defensive efforts from the guy your controlling trying to stop a drive... you know what I'm talkin bout Willis.

      Yep. Glad other people are on to this. They completely changed 1-on-1 defense from 2K11 to 12. Some mediocre players became close to unguardable.

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