The Cosplay Of PAX: Day Two

Saturday is usually when all of the best PAX cosplay comes out, and this year didn't disappoint. We had steampunk Mario, the entire cast of Phoenix Wright, and a certain hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne.

Check out all the best cosplay below (and the best stuff from yesterday here), and if you've got pictures of any that we missed, drop 'em in the comments!


    Love that feeling when you see someone else with a costume you've done, but it isn't as good as yours :P

      Really? Why does it have to be competitive?

      Personally, I think I'd love the feeling that other people are interested in what I am and that they're giving it a go, but hey - it takes all sorts I guess. :P

        cause its the internet. besides, your average gamer tends to be competitive. and yep, i just laid out a massive generalisation right here

        You don't think its normal for people to feel pride when they've done something better than other people?

    I like that hitman one very cool

    I like that hitman one very cool

    20th small pic with the redhead swordswoman, blond archer, blond mystic.
    Anyone know what anime, manga, tv show or game the characters are from?

      I sure hope you're not going to start watching a new anime or tv show because a couple of cute girls pulled off the cosplay..

        I don't think that's what he's going to do at all...

          I would love to see him watch that...its League of Legends. Katarina, Lux and Ashe. And yea will def agree on the cute girls part.

            ha, thanks. funnily enough i've been watching some dota vids to see what the game is like, so maybe i'll give this a go as well.

            And yes they always grab my attention, basic marketing tricks.

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