The First Guy In Line Didn't Come To Play Games

Meet Keita Wada. The 24 year-old was the first person in line for the first public day of this year's Tokyo Game Show. You'd think he would be the hardest of the hardcore gaming fans. He's not. In fact he's not planning on playing a single game at the Tokyo Game Show this year.

Instead he's here for the Macross 30th Anniversary stage show at Namco Bandai's booth where they will premiere the trailer for the new movie, Macross FB7. As soon as it's over, he's bailing on the show for another event.

When asked how he got the first ticket for the show he had a one word answer: "Guts."


    Cool story bro

    Wow! The irony!
    First in line for Japan's biggest game show
    - sees movie trailer.
    At first I thought he was simply holding a spot for a hardcore fan who'd pay him in money, but this was even more surprising :D

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