The First Look At Total War: Rome II's Gameplay Has Freakin' Battle Elephants

By the gods, this first glimpse of the the battles between the ancient empire of Rome and Carthage looks amazing. The video above is purportedly cut from in-game footage and this clip — coupled with the screens we saw earlier this year — sure make it seem like Creative Assembly's next strategy opus is going to be a visual stunner.

Total War: Rome II comes out next year.


    Hopefully they have cut back from the originals, errr, rather weird units, like Shrieking Women... and burning pigs...
    Mind you after playing a LOT of M2TW, and to a lesser extent ETW and S2TW, I am quite keen to get back into using some good quality Hastasi and Principes and Triarii. Really miss that 'throw a spear then charge!' move. Also miss the fun of running rings around those slow, ponderous Macedonian and Greek pike formations ;)

    Nothing wrong with shrieking women and fiery pigs, that was part of war back then in certain areas. Both were designed (then and in the game) to unnerve your the enemy.

    And the original had war elephants..

    *sigh* im gonna need a new computer. Looks freaking awesome.

    Ha! War elephants? Just run some flaming pigs or berserkers at them. They'll lose morale and flee the battlefield faster than you can say Roma Victor.

    Battle for middle earth 2 had em maybe 8 years ago. Do the authors here even play games or are they so young that they call psones 'old school' and simply dont know any better?

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