The First Proper Trailer For The Next Game From The Resistance Guys

The First Proper Trailer For The Next Game From The Resistance Guys
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Well. Was this song worth the hold-up for Fuse’s debut trailer?

Either way, here’s the debut trailer for Fuse, from Insomniac, a game about futuristic soldiers with guns viewed from the third-person and which uses cover as a basic mechanic.

You can learn more about the game from Evan’s big preview published earlier today.


  • Is there anything more cliche than the dyed red-haired girl with guns? It reminds me of the old Brute Force a little. Man, I hated that game.

  • Looks very generic.

    Just what we need, another game with supersoliders fighting mechs and other bald space marines.

    Oh, and the chick who manages to out-punch and out-shoot the guys, while wiggling her booty and shouting pithy one-liners. We haven’t seen that before.

    Note to game designers: chicks aren’t as powerful as guys. Slim chicks, like the ones you have in games, couldn’t even HOLD some of these weapons, let alone use them or swing them. Stop trying to make chicks in to supersoldiers. It doesn’t work.

    • I like it. As for the ladies holding guns thing its called “suspention of disbelief”. If they were to portray it realistically they would end up with the typically meaty soldiers for all four characters. As for the comments of genericism, about the red-haired girl toting massive guns, please explqin how this is any different to Lilith from Borderlands? Both of the games give their characters unique powers in the interests of cooperative play yet everyone loves borderlands. There are only so many different games we can do before similar looking characters and styles show up.

      Besides, if Insomniacs past games are anything to go by it will hardly be mediocre

    • Never mind a shield that can stop all incoming projectiles, but allows to be shot through from the other side, metal bubble foam, and ‘vortex guns’; my prejudices are outraged by the concept of strong females, it’s just so unrealistic!

  • With a March 2013 release I guess it’s too late to hope for a Borderlands style redesign… or heck, changing it back to Overstrike. Insomniac used to be cool.

  • I think they are just butt sore cause they arent as good as Naughty Dog this generation, so they jumped the Sony ship. Well. When this fails.. maybe they will get their heads out of their rears and start making games that their fans want. Like for instance, a GOOD ratchet game like the original trilogies maybe.

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