The Folks Behind Duke Nukem Forever Want Your Money For A 'New' Game

For years, 3D Realms toiled on Duke Nukem Forever. After the game languished, another studio (Gearbox Software) came in and finished it. Now, 3D Realms is working on a new game. A game it's been working on for a while — and it wants your money to finish it.

The game is Earth No More, a first-person shooter that seems to be inspired by War of the Worlds. Thing is, this title that was originally supposed to be out in 2009, but was later put on ice.

Development on it was hardly smooth, and 3D Realms was actually sued for allegedly stealing the game's concept.

Today, however, 3D Realms is announcing that it's taking Earth No More to crowd funding site Gambitious, which is different from Kickstarter in that investors can buy equity in a project. (Oh, and Eurogamer reports that 3D Realms co-founder Scott Miller is one of the five people on the Gambitious advisory board.)

Still, it sounds like 3D Realms is keen to give the game another go. So if you really like 3D Realms games and are confident that this won't turn into Duke Nukem Forever and Ever, it might be worth checking out the Gambitious site.

3D Realms returns with post-apocalyptic FPS Earth No More on new crowdfunding site Gambitious [Eurogamer]


    I must have my iTune's on repeat or something. I swear this sounds almost identical to the last track that was playing.

    So now the big companies are muscling out the small companies on crowd funding.

    Unless my money is going towards early retirement for the devs, I can't help but feel like it would be wasted here.

    I wouldn't invest in this myself, but this seems more appropriate for establisher devs. If they want investment funds, then we should get equity.

    You want our money?

      Yeah, pretty much this. They have a history of delivering games many, many years late after several cancels and re-starts, even when they are just 'producing' them. They're not getting near my money.

    Hey look!

    There is a great big gaping hole to throw all my money down into oblivion!!

    No thanks.

    I love it... this article fails to mention that 3D Realms are the producers if Earth No More, like they were with Max Payne and Prey which IMO are quality titles.

    Sad as it is, the damage has already been done, i gave been looking forward to this game for years even before 3D Realms went under but i think the words 3D Realms stirs mistrust within people and they might not trust 3D Realms anymore which is a shame because before Duke Nukem Forever they used to be make maybe not high quality but addictive games under the Apogee Software banner.

    My last point is that if 3D Realms want to go down the crowd sourcing road then i think Kickstarter would be a better option, it has more traffic and is more likely to be seen.

    As someone who has put money towards several projects some with only a vague interest, hell I even pledged for the failed Class of Heroes LE project, allow me to say: oh hells no!

    Seems to be a common "once bitten, twice shy" theme going on here!

    OK, yes, it's pretty funny that these guys are asking for our money. But how about also writing an article about some of the rad games up there. Like the Mushroom Men sequel. They deserve money.

      Rad, I haven't heard that word for sooo long.... aaahhh, that takes me back, good times.

      Seriously though, I'm thinking abut investing some of my hard earned in this (Mushroom Men) and possibly Tink as well.


      I friggen LOVED Mushroom Men. GIMME!

    I thought 3D Realms shut down?

      Naa, since May 2009 they've released a port of Duke Nukem Manhattan Project for XBLA and ported several of their old titles to mobile platforms. They're also currently involved in that new Rise of the Triad title at a limited capacity with Apogee LLC and they're in pre-production on the Duke Nukem movie.

    Can we give them money not to make a game?

      Sure you can. If their past performances are anything to go by, all you have to do is back their project.

        I have literal tears of laughter from this reply Badger.
        +1 internets to you.

    Yeah. Ok. I promise I will give you the money in fifteen years.

    Imagine if James Cameron or Martin Scorsese asked for funding to make their movie. Sick of studios asking for money. A studio makes a product to make money. The only reason they make games 'fun' and 'enjoyable experience' is because then it will SELL. Stop asking for money just so you can try and make your profit.
    There are better studios out there who make good games that aren't asking for our money.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    This comment has been deemed too awesome for human eyes and has been deleted.

    Dear george and joe:


    yours sincerely. Everybody (with a brain)

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