The Greatest Calculus Test Of All Time

So Sahara gets her calculus test, opens it up and finds...oh, well, look at that. Pokémon. Right there, officially, as part of the test. If you're going to try and make calculus more fun, that's a pretty good way to get started.

Best. Quiz. Ever. [My Asian Genes Are Recessive]


    divide by zero and get sued by Nintendo :D

      Apples already on it... them circles are apple in shape...

    It annoys me that I was so good at calculus and maths in general last year and now I can't for the life of me remember how to solve something as simple as this :(

      I cheated. :'(

      It actually shouldn't be to hard to solve though. Just plus one to both sides, divide by 2x then take inverse cos of both sides to find possible solutions.

        I'm the same boat, spent countless amount of time learning it at uni (Introductory calculus btw) come semester 2, couldn't remember any of it, though i mostly blame the fact i haven't used it again since then :P

    Why not just add x and divide by 2x, 1/2=cos(x) is trivial... But on the other hand, don't taint more things for me with Maths haha I see enough of it everyday

    I'm no math wizard, but I'm pretty sure this is trigonometry, not Calculus

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