The Greatest Pokémon Mystery: Where Is Ash’s Father?

The Greatest Pokémon Mystery: Where Is Ash’s Father?

If you’ve ever seen the Pocket Monsters anime series, you’ll wonder where the heck Ash’s father is. His mum, Delia Ketchum, pops up in the series. But dear old Dad? He’s nowhere to be seen.

What’s more, from what I can remember, Ash’s father hasn’t really been referenced in the anime, save for a mention or two in the first season. He certainly hasn’t appeared.

For years now, there’s been speculation about the character’s father, such as that he’s dead à la Goku’s dad, or that one of the older male Pokémon characters is his pops, or that Ash doesn’t even have a father. That, you know, he’s was immaculately conceived. Like Jesus.

Ash not having a father — and that father never really being addressed — does give the anime subtext that provides endless conjuncture.

But what’s the official line on Ash’s father? This magazine scan, which is from a while back but is once again appearing online in Japan, seems to shed some light on Ash’s dad.


In the magazine, Ash is asked where his dad is. Ash replies, “Because he said he was going to become a Pokémon Trainer, he left on a journey and hasn’t come back home since. Eventually, our paths might cross!”

This jives with what the original director of the Pokémon anime, Masamitsu Hidaka, said back in 2008. Hidaka also told website Pokebeach that at Ash’s grandfather was also a great Pokémon Trainer, which is why his father became one too.

At that time, Hidaka also said that Ash’s father might eventually appear, especially if the show’s producers felt that the character needed to “grow”. Certainly would make for a weepy yarn if they chose to go that route.

サトシのお父さんの行方 [おうち速報]


  • It’s obvious that ash is actually dead and he’s merely being tormented by evil spirits in the afterlife. The signs in the show are everywhere. Trust me, my dad works at Nintendo.

  • I always thought Ash was invitro – His mom being a modern woman went it alone and just told Ash he had a dad because all the other kids had one…

  • No, no. Ash’s father went on a pokemon journey but ended up impregnating other women with ash lookalikes.

    Also, they’ve explicitly said Ash was never going to “grow” he’s been on his pokemon journey for how many years now? and is still what? 10?

  • Ash’s Dad is Professor Layton. His brother is Luke (from Prof. Layton). When they finally meet they’ll be an unstoppable problem solving-pocket monster catching force.

  • Ash’s Father was suppose to be Giovanni, but after the Hiatus in season 1 they had to make it more kid freindly, although they did mention him as his father in a manga. I guess they didnt want to change ash’s dad so they just left it alone.

  • “There’s a theory floating around the interwebs that paints a dark, horrific history of the Pokémon world, or at least Red/Blue’s Kanto region. Many players have noted that in Pokémon Red/Blue, there is a large absence of middle aged men in the game world. Think about the last time you played Pokémon. An abnormally large amount of Pokémon trainers chillin’ in the wild were little kids. Think about it. Why were there so many damn toddlers roaming the wilds unattended? There were plenty of elderly men and women in the world (Professor Oak), and many middle aged women (the player’s mom, the nurses), but a lack of middle aged men. What about the player’s father, or your rival’s father? While most people wouldn’t worry about the absence of middle aged dudes, some Pokémon fans have rationalized this through the creation of yet another insane theory.

    The electric-type gym leader, Lt. Surge mentions being a survivor of some sort of brutal war that almost took his life (he claims that his Pokémon saved his life). Other trainers in the gym were once soldiers in some sort of army, which presumably fought in a war. A war where Pokémon were used as weapons. Let that sink in for a moment, as you try to imagine the horror of hundreds of terrified soldiers storming beaches being held by goddamn Charizards. Some fans believe this war was the cause of the lack of adult men, claiming that all of them had been killed in the war. Essentially, some people are speculating that this war caused a ‘generation kill’, and that the young children of the Kanto region are the first generation to find peace. This also explains why the player’s father is absent (hint, he died), and why the rival character has no parents (hint, they died). While a lot of this theory involves speculation and imagination, the horrifying idea of a human-Pokémon war that wiped out an entire ”

  • I totally figured it out. Ash’s father is also the father of all the Pokémon game protagonists, and he is one the run because he owes a tonne of alimony.

  • Ash’s fatehr was a rolling stone. He has muliple kids with muliple women. He might be in jail or he might be dead. Best bet would be they bring him into a epsiode as a gym leader for the Hybird Game BW2. Alot of crap has change in the game so why not just twist up the show. His dad would be a gangbanging gym leader who rips apart ash’s pika and destroys the others, thus leading into a movie. Preferably XXX rated and misty comes back as Ash’s fathers sex slave and ash must use the power of the ledendarys to free here from the sex trade ash’s father gets her into. Concluding with orgy she cant be freed from with hitomonchans and hitomonlees. She dies and ash goes into battle to face his father with more power than before because pika is a soft lil bitch/bastard. before the battle ends, Brock comes back again into the movie to just get some last minute Ass from misty before she is freed. The abttle ends with ash on top, and brock mounting misty.

  • It’s been said that Delia Ketchum is Ash’s mother, but his father has never been revealed. I believe RED to be Ash’s dad. I have a lot of evidence. RED very much resembles Ash. RED died in the Jhoto region in a battle against Moltres which would explain his absence. Yet, if RED is Ash’s father, that might lead you to believe that the female character, GREEN, is his real mother. GREEN was carried off by Ho-oh, the same Pokemon that Ash saw over the rainbow in episode 1. Pikachu (pika) was announced to be lv. 58 in the manga series. So I theorize that after RED died, his son (Ash) inherited his Pikachu, considering how powerful it was when Oak gave it to him. If RED died and GREEN was abducted by Ho-oh, that could leave Delia as his god-mother. Delia just never had the heart to tell Ash that she isn’t his real mother. Also part of my theory is that, since Misty was such a close friend to RED, she was a close friend to Ash. Another thing to support my theory is that he is a trainer from pallet town. The only resemblence between Ash and Delia is that they were both voiced by the same person.
    P.S. There’s no way Prof. Oak could be his father since Delia is 21 years younger than him, PLUS, he even said that Ash was the same age as his grandson, Gary Oak.
    P.P.S. Mime Jr. is Ash’s half-brother!

  • on a seperate agenda, lt. surge was never in any[korean] war. He’s giovanni’s right-hand-man, luetannant of team rocket. I’m not making this up, it was in the manga’s. The gaming character is lying right to your face!!!

  • I think ash’s father is a champion of any Region and will pop out in any generation with his most powerful pokemon Magikarp

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