The Guns And The Dudes Of Resident Evil

Resident Evil is wall-to-wall memorable characters. Fans haven't only fallen in love with the female protagonists. They also adore the men of Resident Evil.

And why wouldn't they? The guys are cool, decked in nice threads with rad hair. And then there's the swank paramilitary gear, too. Fancy!

Last week, Kotaku took a look at how cosplayers brought the females of Resident Evil to life. Today, we're all about the dudes.

Here are some — thought, not all — of the best RE guy cosplay. Have a look as you try to figure out who wore Resident Evil best.

Top photo: MaicouManiezzo/mdmayberry/S-Seith

























    Time for another article discussing why there has never been decent cosplay of Leon. Sorry guys but no >

      Hey, the one with Ada is pretty good. Not quite there, but closest I've seen.

      The one below the Merchant however... Hahahaha, and that one with Ashley fourth from the bottom! Oh dear.

    Some of these Leon's remind me of Chris Lilley from Angry Boys...

    The one in the middle of the header image looks like Serrels...

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