The Most Amazing Counter-Strike Kills I've Ever Seen

Over the weekend, the Asia E-Sports Cup was held at the Tokyo Game Show. Local Japanese team myRevenge (formerly UNiTED) faced off against the largely Singaporean team Asking Questions.

Noppo has been playing competitive Counter-Strike for a while now and is one of the best players in Japan — and the world.

The above clip is from the Asia E-Sports Cup, and supposedly, that's no mod. Cheats and mods are not allowed in tournament play.

So, while the clip shows through the walls, this was edited in. Noppo was apparently shooting through those walls "blindly" based only on sound, crowd reaction, and where people usually hide. What's more, Noppo had to remember which walls his bullets could pass through (and which guns to use).

MyRevenge took first place in Counter-Strike 1.6 at the Asia E-Sports Cup — and as this clip shows, deservedly so. The team was awarded ¥800,000, which is around $10,000.

The above clip comes courtesy of The Developing Community and YouTube user Sparky1337357.

Asia e-Sports Cup 2012 - Noppo vs Asking Questions [[email protected] via HLTV] 『Asia e-Sports Cup 2012』 Counter-Strike1.6 部門で日本チームの myRevenge が優勝 [Negitaku]

Video thumb: Negitaku)


    Be sure to watch n0thing vs redCode then!

    lol commentator going nuts at the end


    The second shot couldn't have been "blindly firing". He lined it up and fired a single shot. The only possibility is that worked out where on the wall he had to fire. That would require not only the aim, but the player location being exact. That would be easy enough on the first shot, because he's on the ladder (effectively on rails), but the second is freestanding (or crouching :P)

    If you want an awesome CS killing video, look up "Mousesports Ready Willing & Able" on Youtube.

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