The Most Badass Weapons In Borderlands 2

What's the most badass weapon you've seen in Borderlands 2? We'll start.

Above is my favourite and best weapon. Sure, I've got a Tediore rocket launcher that does over 10k damage. (Although the danger with having a Tediore-made rocket launcher is that I'll forget it shoots out an extra rocket when I reload it. And sometimes I reload while looking at my feet. Yeah...)

But this little guy burns enemies to death and therefore rarely needs more than one or two shots on enemies equal to my level. It's also pretty nice looking.

Then there are the more rare weapons and the, um, Mad Moxxi variety of weapons.

Readers, show us the most badass weapon you've come across in your playthroughs of Borderlands 2.

Submit your pics below.


      And we have a winner!

    That's my favourite gun too! Mine's Corrosive though and does more damage :). I'm so glad I didn't sell it and tried it out first. Although it looks like absolute crap it's actually amazing. AMAZING.

    For anyone wondering, you'll get a variant on the "Fibber" as a quest reward from a robot who wants to be a human.

    Also lol at 10k damage launcher. I was doing co-op last night and a friend got a 103k damage launcher as a quest reward and I only got a 32k damage one from the same quest... :/

    I got sniper rifles that do over 1000 damage and assualt rifles

    I'm loving the Torgue explosive assault rifles. Closest thing to a bolter in the game.

    I got a pistol that fires flaming homing bullets. That and the Commando's Turret.

    Wait till play-through 2, you get some pretty nice weapons there. My rocket launcher for example:
    When you reload it, unlike other Tediore weapons this once bounces along the ground like a bunny till it hits something.

    Gentleman's Snider.
    Caustic Sniper rifle, deals 1042 damage per hit.
    Fair to say I was invulnerable against any enemy with a weak point.

    What are these gun things / Weapons for complete cowards / Stab things in the back!

    Only about level 20 so yet to find anything amazing. I do have an orange-class assault rifle which is rather tasty though. My favourite thing about the weapons in Borderlands 2 is that they look like extremely deadly Nerf guns.

    Not sure if other ppls Fibbers do it too but mine does 700+ish fire dam with a direct shot but if you bounce it it splits into about 9 shots which all deal 700+ish I believe. Means a change in tactics but damn its good.

    i'm gonna post a vid, all my guns are OP, especially since they are combined with "The Bee"
    my vid

    I found a rare Tediore shotgun that when it's thrown upon reloading it seeks out,enemies and continuously shoots them until it explodes. I love it, though it's a few,levels lower than I am now and is getting less effective, but I don't want to part with it :(.

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      If you would like I can walk you through how to increase its level and as such its power, all i ask in return is the code when your done so i can build one as well

    I found a 'Nukem' Rocket Launcher that does 8.3K damage @ lv 15 isn't so bad. It has the Duke Nukem symbol on the side, and yes, that explosions has the nuke mushroom cloud

    The gun pictured might be somewhat decent, but the stats are a lie, hence the Red Text. "Would I lie to you?"

    Yes, the stats of the gun are false!

    Yeah I have had a gun like that and they are false stats.
    Mine stated a 1,500 clip and it really only had a clip size of 25 or something.
    Also, no 3,000% damage :p
    Look at the Stat text; Would I lie to you?
    And the weapon name of 'Fibber'.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      hey pal, sorry to kill your ego trip but your high horse has the runs.

      How can you tell it's from the console version? If you play the PC version with an Xbox controller it shows the Xbox controller controls on the screen, not the PC keys.

    My current fave is a Maliwan Sniper Rifle that does 2500 damage + Slag and has an accuracy of around 98% + increased stability so it's rock solid when you scope it... (At work atm so can't post pic)

    one of the first weapons i found was a pistol that was corrosive and did 100 damage. altho its pretty bad now it absolutly beasted on the lv1s.

    It's safe to say that the guns y'all have described hold no torch to the 4 I play with.. Feel free to come see for yourself my XBOX gamertag is ECGxSorrow...

    I found Moxxi's sniper (?)

    I assume it's Moxxi's (even though there isn't a "Moxxi's" prefix in the gun's name) because when I reload it, there's a big "Moxxi" on the ammo cartridge...meh~

    Edit: You can get this gun by finishing the final round of the Hyperion Arena in Ore Chasm.
    (Fast Travel to 'Eridium Blight', then drive to where 'Mal - the malfunctioning robot' is, the entrance to 'Ore Chasm' is there)

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    i got a sniper that does 33k damage and a rockect launcher that does 200k, Do i win?

    i got 1 jakobs sniper with 32729 + 15% damage and that does 500k damage,,,,

    In my opinion, Flying Sand Hawk would be the badass SMG. Even though, it's a DLC Weapon, it gotta be the most overpowered gun to take bosses quick.

    Electric Flying Sand Hawk = Badass + Destroys everything. With this being a lv 80, you'll rekt everything. (overpowered 8) (Lv 72)

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