The Most Beautiful Portal Gun The World Has Ever Seen

That is no lie. Sculptor Duncan Shirah uses wood and metal to create his stunning — and sometimes geeky — works of art.

"I think everyone has had that 'wouldn't it be cool if this existed' feeling," the 24 year-old Shirah recently told Kotaku. "I love being able to turn those ideas into actual objects."

While studying sculpture in 2008, Shirah began making his wood and metal works. Now working in art foundry, he creates at his home woodworking shop — or heads over to a mill or a furnace to cast his own bronze and iron parts.

Each piece takes between two to three weeks. However, Shirah says he spends months and months before that obsessively thinking about what he wants to make and how he wants to pull off his latest creation.

"Building something functional from scratch isn't a very straight forward process," says the artist, who adds that it's difficult to predict how the creative process will unfold. "There's lots of trying and failing." And by the looks of his art, lots of succeeding, too.

Check out more of Shirah's work on his official site.

Click each image's lower corner to expand to full size.

(Top photo: Duncan Shirah)



    I haven't even seen Adventure Time (it's one of those things I need to "get around to") but that sculpture is excellent.

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