The NES Fighting Game That Featured Sonic, Mario, Ryu And Goku

I've talked about classic fighting game World Heroes here on Total Recall before because it's amazing. But this, this is something else entirely.

It's called World Heroes 2, but it's not the official sequel to SNK's game. It is instead a 1994 pirate Famicom game, one which throws together the biggest video game stars of the early 90s into the one bizarre title.

It looks like hell to play, but you've got to admire the attention to detail, which saw characters like Sonic and Mario given appropriate soundtracks, stages and even moves. Sure, most of them were literally ripped from other games, but it's the thought that counts.

World Heroes 2 was released by Cony Soft, a notorious bootleg developer that it's thought was based in Hong Kong, and who specialised in these kind of games.

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    Honestly??? Looks like a freakin competent effort for a pirated game???

      Really! Looks better than some of the legit titles from the same time...!

        Absolutely agreed. Man, I never owned a NES back then but my mate did, he had some *shockers* of games on it... I was surprised how well that game there was put together lol.

    I'll pre order this fo sho. Mad catz make me a stick

    That Ryu vs Ryu fight was epic! Both being absurdly cheap with their stupid special moves haha

    This video was ruined by terrible Ryu spamming. DIdn't let you get a good look at every characters moves.

    The dude in one of the stores on ChunLi stage looks like his masturbating , LOL!!!

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