The New Final Fantasy Sounds Interesting And In Need Of More Time

Square Enix has a very bad habit of showing games way too early. Its latest reveal, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, is only 30 per cent finished. Meaning? It's 70 per cent unfinished. So unless Square Enix works faster than it has in the past, it could be a while before, wait for it, Lightning strikes again.

Until then, let's busy ourselves with reading about Lightning Returns! That game does sound interesting.

During the recent Lightning Returns presentation, Square Enix continually remarked how the game was "World Driven". There was even a slide at the presentation that actually said "World Driven". What does "World Driven" mean? Well, the way you interact with the in-game world affects said in-game world. For example, the world of Lightning Returns is slated to end in 13 days. So, depending on your actions, the game can actually end before those 13 days peter out. According to recent Japanese game magazine leaks, the game builds towards a happy ending to Lightning's saga. (There does, however, seem to be a bad ending if, say, the 13 days run out!)

Time is a key motif throughout the game. Kotaku previously posted that the game has Lightning trying to save humanity before the doomsday clock runs out. One day in Lightning Returns is one to two hours in real life. Before you start doing the maths on how many hours there are in 13 days, Square Enix is supposedly saying that it won't take tens of hours to clear once and that the game is being developed so players can clear it multiple times. As mentioned above, it is possible to finish the game before those 13 days end.

What's more, some players might take longer to finish the game as time can apparently be lengthened after, for example, a player topples an enemy in a quest.

Combat sounds action oriented — the Japanese magazine leaks describe it as being "close to action" with an ATB gauge. That was, of course, part of the battle system in Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2. In Lightning Returns, timing also seems to play a role in combat.

As previously revealed, the in-game character control is far more dynamic. So, Lightning can do things like hang off ledges, pull herself up, jump, duck behind corners. According to the Japanese magazine leaks, she can also hide behind objects.

The world of Lightning Returns does sound intriguing. Apparently, Lightning will apparently come across a series of murders. It's unclear how major this plot line is or how it plays into the game. What's more, people don't age because of what's happening to their world. Time marching forward is underscored by clocks apparently throughout the game; yet, time stands still in the ageless characters. This sounds like a fascinating contrast. Stay tuned.

『ライトニングリターンズFFXIII』戦闘はアクション寄り。1度のクリアまでに何十時間もかかるものではなく、何度も遊べる構造 [ゲーム情報!ゲームのはなし]


    I don't understand why on earth SE think that people want more of these terrible games. XIII and XIII-2 have killed of all of the company's charm and reputation for creating quality games.

    Stop flogging this dead horse and start working on something new.

    Stop beating this dead horse and start working

      People need to seriously play the game and enjoy the story ff13 offers and not judge it based on what the rest of the troll says on the internet. If RPG is not for you then please go back to your cod. No one is forcing you to play.

        This is my type of game, and I thought it was a stinker.

          It was also my type of game, and I enjoyed it more than X.

          I didnt really like it. Was pretty boring but I managed to actually finish it. I seriously played through the first 10-12 hours just pressing X during combat to win.

        It's not trolling when you have to play through a shit linear experience for 12+ hours to get to a subpar open world experience. The game was one of the worst FF games ever released, albeit one of the best looking, and a subpar JRPG at that. "People need to seriously" stop being blinded by the fact that its got the Squeenix brand on it and the FF label to see what a stinker it was.

          I don't understand why you are so offended by it. Fair enough if you played it and didn't like it, but to keep posting about how bad it is and decrying anyone who does like it, well it seems like you were personally offended by it. Isn't it like anyother game that proves not to be to your tastes? Is it because you couldn't return it for a full refund so it left you out of pocket?

          “People need to seriously stop being blinded by the fact that its got the Squeenix brand on it and the FF label to see what a stinker it was." - I put 60+ hrs into FF13 and 70+ (and still going) on FF13-2... interest in a name doesn't take you that far. Many people seriously enjoyed those games!

          I thought FFXIII was the best FF since FFVII.

          "People need to seriously" realise that how enjoyable a game is to someone is purely subjective and will vary from person to person.

        We did Letrico. The problem is the story suffers from being written by mad homeless person off the street and is boring. RPG's are for us and this is why we are complaining because I expect a Final Fantasy to have a better story then Cod. I can't stand cod but even cod is more enjoyable then Final Fantasy XIII.

      "I don’t understand why on earth SE think that people want more of these terrible games"

      Because lots of people bought XIII and XIII-2. Then lots of people bought DLC for XIII-2 confirming that they enjoyed the game and were looking for more content about those characters.

      Pretty sure SE wouldn't make this game if everyone had your opinion D.

      Retarded comment, you haven't even played this game yet.

    13 was a good game, people just judged it on wanting exactly what they'd gotten in previous games, instead of judging it on their own merits.

    I'll buy 13-3 in an instant.

      yeah I'm hanging out for LR - it will always be XIII-3 to me though ;)

    Very ocarina of time

      If by ocarina of time, you mean Majora's mask then yes.

        I'm imagining Lightning pulling out a harmonica and breaking it down - would be gold :P

    They were both good games. A vocal minority screaming "shit! shit!" (much like Dragon Age 2), when it's a good, but not great game.

      If by vocal minority with DA2 you mean overwhelming majority...

        Not quite, people who are dissatisfied with something, are more likely to be vocal about it. Therefore the only conclusion you can draw is, there are people that don't like this game. From the facts and statistics put before you (none), you cannot draw any conclusion about majorities or minorities.

          Also I find people (including myself) are inclined to believe that their opinion is in the majority.

            Once you learn, when people subscribe to an opinion that differs from the accepted norm or has the potential to cause controversy, they'll become vocal... often obnoxiously.

            The quiet ones however, are usually those that have no reason to be vocal, aside from the small portion that wish to share their praise.

            con·tent 2 (kn-tnt)
            1. Desiring no more than what one has; satisfied

              I often read the posts on Kotaku for articles that interest me, but I rarely post myself. I have been making an extra effort to comment in Final Fantasy 13 related articles however, to try and provide an alternate opinion to what I hope is the 'noisy minority'.

      Also it's not a vocal minority it is the over whelming majoirty. Some of the posts here are the first posts I've ever seen claiming the game to be good or even average. Final Fantasy XIII was deeply unpopular to both old fans and new fans. I have had people chat to me about how FF is an over rated franchise just to find out they started with XIII. FF XIII from either a FF view or a individial JRPG view is a terrible game. It's story is poor, characters boring and under developed. Linear as hell, simple in a negative way combat. The only thing positive one can absolutely say about the game was visually it was well done.

        And yet I get a third game in the series I've enjoyed and you get to bitch some more...

    Wasn't there some figures out there saying less people bought FFXIII-2 compared to XIII? Wouldn't that be a sign that they shouldn't be trying this?
    I've never played either, haven't played a FF since X. But it does seem to me that This isn't the right path. But then that's just me.

      I believe you are right that FF13 sold much better than 13-2. I'm guessing that is why they haven't gone the 13-3 route when naming this game, trying to make people who didn't play 13-2 feel welcome. However, the fact that Lightning Returns is in development suggest that 13-2 sales (including DLC sales) were storng enough or indicated sufficent intrest in, a final chapter in the series.

    Really looking forward to this.
    XIII-2 has been the only game I've actually played to completion in years. I even went ahead and bought DLC for it to thank the devs and to get a little bit more game.
    Certainly ended on quite the dramatic cliffhanger though, resolved it's own story, but the world still needs saving!

    This summary fo the famitsu article makes mention of Hope being in the new game, which may interest fans of the series:

    It actually makes it sound like there oculd be more returning characters.

    Squeenix seem incredibly intent on making a game that's as close to being an action game as possible without it actually being an action game. I really wish they'd choose one or the other because my experience with the XIII battle system has been "X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-L1-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-L1-X-X-X..." which is just me clicking through the auto-attack. At least with FF XII you got to micromanage the attacks and actions because the game kept the auto-attacks going for you. I'd really like to see this go down the path of Dirge of Cerberus (in that it's an FF action game) meets MGS.

    In other news, the anatomy in the article picture freaks me out.

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