The New Neo Geo Handheld Seems Long And Clicky

Here's our first look at the new Neo Geo X Gold handheld in action, courtesy of Japanese game mag Famitsu. Out in December, it looks...well, is that my eyes, or is the machine stretching the original 4:3 visuals to fit a 16:9 screen?

It damn well better not be.

Aside from that, the buttons sound nice and clicky (I like my buttons to click instead of "mash"), and that giant thumbstick looks to be doing a good enough job considering this a fighting game.

NEOGEO Xプレイ動画 [Famitsu, via Tiny Cartridge]


    How many games does it have?

      More than the Vita.

        I seriously doubt that. Not with the Vita's PS1 + PSP compatibility.

          you obviously don't know neo geo then....

          By that definition, my Dingoo has one of the most-stocked game libraries on that planet then.

    Looks fine to me personally. I think some Neo Geo games did get presented in Widescreen in the arcades from memory, specifically the fatal fury sequels?

    Is it me or is the analog digital switch?

    What i mean by that is when you move the analog you hear a clicking sound of the switch which registers the movement of you character.

    They did that with the controllers for the neo geo cd, they were analog digital switch and guess what happened when one of the switches broke (which they do after some use) yep that right you can no longer move in the direction of the broken switch.

    I hope for there sake they haven't done that because there is gonna be a lot of pissed people when they break and the whole thing needs to be sent in for repairs or replaced at your inconvenience.

    Or you could just buy a handheld emulator.

    I'd say the 'stretching' is a result of LCD displays using square pixels, while the original arcade used a CRT (which will stretch any resolution into 4:3). Since the Neo Geo uses a resolution of 320x224 (giving a screen ratio of approximately 3:2), the choices are to either have a 1:1 pixel-accurate screen that is a bit wider than the original, or a 4:3 screen that unevenly distributes the original pixels across a new matrix (ie: some pixels would be doubled in height to make up the difference).

    I'd say this is most likely the lesser of 2 evils... :-/

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