The New Star Trek Game Is Like 'Someone Spliced Metroid Prime into my Uncharted'

The best thing one can do, if they want to bring attention to their brand new video game and create hype, is compare said game to two classic games. Mention them in the same breath, and hope we don't get disappointed. Sheldon Carter, the creative director behind the new Star Trek game is doing a great job in this regard.

Speaking to Eurogamer, he claimed that the design inspiration came from two of my favourite games ever made.

"A game I've often used as a touchstone is Metroid Prime. We really kind of latched onto that as how we're going to approach exploration," said Carter. "It's like someone spliced Metroid Prime into my Uncharted."

It's a brave comparison to make — especially since, from what I've seen so far, the Star Trek game has some pretty low production values. I don't expect it'll be shifting landscapes in the same way those two games did.

Fair play to the team though — if you're going to try and imitate a game, might as well make it Metroid Prime. Seriously — how good was Metroid Prime?

Star Trek Preview: "It's like someone spliced Metroid Prime into my Uncharted" [Eurogamer]


    Metroid Prime was pretty good.

      Uncharted wasn't too shabby, either.

        Not a fan of either those games, but love star trek more than any other IP so still looking forward to it.

    Man, I'm so looking forward to this. Years of skipping high school parties to watch Star Trek. :P

      I went to the parties and then ran home to watch Star Trek - best of both worlds.

    I love Star Trek and it's a shame the only game in recent years has been an MMO.

    I haven't been following this one too closely, but I'd really like to see a new game that is fairly action-y but still follows the puzzle-solving and episodic format of the old 25th Anniversary game, and Judgement Rites.

      Oh wait, there was a Star Trek game back in 2007 wasn't there, on the Xbox? Well it was terrible, so it doesn't count.

    I so want this game, looks really good

    If the story and gameplay are good, then low production values are fine, as long as the graphics are consistent, you adapt to graphical styles pretty quickly.

    This might be good!

    It always looked like a StarTrek mod for Mass Effect to me (not that I'm complaining)

      In my opinion that's a pretty positive thing to say.

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