The New Zombies Mode In Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Is Its Own Crazy Game

The fan-favourite co-op zombies mode is back in this year's Call of Duty: Black Ops II and the first trailer for it makkes it look... ambitious.

First of all, there's not a whiff of hint in this trailer that Blops II's Zombies mode has any connection to the sequel's near-future-America-under-high-tech-attack story. Instead, it looks like, well... it looks like a game of co-op civilians-vs-zombies, set in some sort of middle-America wasteland. There even appears to be some sort of world map, though it's not clear if that's just for presentation purposes in the trailer or if it is its own thing.

Mark Lamia, whose Black Ops studio Treyarch has been putting zombies in their Call of Duty games told Polygon that the zombie campaign is called Tranzit and is spread across a "massive" open world. Players travel from zone to zone in a fortified bus.

The new game will also include a humans vs. humans vs. zombies mode called Grief, which combines competitive multiplayer with fights against the zombies. The last team standing wins, Polygon reports.

It certainly seems that all this Zombies stuff could have been its own standalone game. The fact that this is all being added to the already-impressive Black Ops II — on top of its branching campaign and extensive competitive multiplayer modes — is, well... it's a lot of game.

Black Ops II will be out for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC on November 13.


    I actually really enjoyed BLOPS when it came out for what it was - it had an interesting campaign, some good zombie maps and the first COD that made me go beyond prestige one. (I hated MW2 because of lack of dedi servers). Hated MW3 but from what i have seen so far from BLOPS2, at least they are trying to shake things up and i am going to give it a go.

      I agree. Ever since Mod 3 came out, people love to hate on CoD because of infinity wards laziness. It almost worked on me too, but 2BLOPS has me sold. Especially on zombies. Holy sack.

    I lost interest in COD (especially the Treyarch developed CODs) years ago. But the zombies mode was the best thing Treyarch ever did. If they made that a standalone game, even (in fact ESPECIALLY) if it was a low-priced PSN/XBL game then I'd buy it.

    F u treyarch I said no more crack (cod) and then u pull this crap on me, I hate u, now take my money and leave me alone

    If Treyarch were to release a standalone zombie game, developed in a new engine, with no CoD attachment whatsoever, and ded servers, they would have earned themselves a new customer.

      You're right. I talked to Mark Lamia, and Treyarch says that they would be happy to spend those millions just for you.

    Fingers crossed the single player campaign gets some love also. The BLOPS story was bordering on delirious fantasy. People forget that CoD4:MW had one of the best single player campaigns of any game, let alone FPS's. Remember crawling out of that helicopter crash for the first time? Dragging your body through the dust with the glimmer of hope you would make it out, only to die in the dirt like a dog. Or that goddamn sniper mission in Chernobyl? That level still gives me chills, crawling past the tanks and patrols, that game was awesome. Genuinely emotive and action packed without getting too daft (think Tom Clancy's brand of faux-realism as opposed to Micheal Bay's explosion reel) rather than being railroaded from set piece to set piece. I don't know about you, but I really found it hard to give a shit about any multitude of the characters that were killed in the frankly schizophrenic MW2, and the 'oh god this is getting pretty fucking tenuous' MW3.

    Maybe they should dial back the jingoistic "'murrika fuck yeah!" bullshit too.

    zombies will be sick and multiplayer will rock i love you treyarch

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