The Old Republic Is Going Free-to-Play, But EA Prez Says Subscriptions Aren't Dead

It's inevitable. It's the future. It's what people want. Everywhere you turn, gaming execs and pundits have been trumpeting the shift to free-to-play by saying some variation of those statements.

Games like DC Universe Online and Everquest have seen huge population bumps by going F2P, even if there's anger that comes with that shift. With all that, sure seems like subscriptions will be going extinct, right?

Not according to EA president Frank Gibeau. Even though Star Wars: The Old Republic will be going free-to-play, Gibeau says that doesn't guarantee that the publisher will be permanently doing away with subscription-based games. (The co-founders of EA's Bioware studios had previously said that their high-profile MMO would stay subscription-based..)

"I think subscription is just one way delivering content," Gibeau said, when I spoke to him this week at the New York Gaming Conference. "In the case of Battlefield Premium, we have a million-and-a-half subscribers and that's moving along nicely. At the same time, other types of products like Star Wars are probably better positioned around having a free-to-play model." When I asked Gibeau why the thinking around The Old Republic changed from subscription to F2P, he chalked it up to audience. "With Star Wars, you have a broad-based IP that pulls the widest possible audience, we can bring in a large number of people."

He admits that there was a learning process with SWTOR, too. "I think we've been fairly upfront with the fact that we course-corrected on Star Wars because we felt like we were fighting too many headwinds in the marketplace and it needed to be repositioned to fall with what customers were telling us, which is, ‘We love this experience. We want to drop in and drop out of it.'"

"Maybe there's a better way of doing it. So I never say no [when asked if susbscriptions are still relevant.] I always start with the game and why it's a fantastic experience. And then we talk about the business model. We don't say, "Hey, we need a free-to-play MMO generic project A in this time frame, go build something. It starts with, 'Here's an idea we want to explore.' Frankly, when we made the switch [with SWTOR], one of the big things that we were concerned with was that the existing subscriber base would freak out. And say, "'Oh you guys are going to screw this up.'"

And some fans were relieved, Gibeau said. "They actually came back and said, 'Thank God you're making the change because it means you're going to stick with it and continue to grow the service and continue to put content out.' And there will be a subscription layer. If people prefer to pay through subscriptions, they can do that."

Free-to-play games and ones that require a monthly fee aren't an either-or proposition, the exec remarked. "You know what? League of Legends is a spectacular game on PC and it works as a free-to-play game. I think both can coexist. Both will co-exist going forward. But ultimately it starts with, "Hey, let's talk about what kind of game we're building and then we'll figure out the business model."


    I can't say I LOVED SWTOR but it isn't the WORST GAME ON THE PLANET like so very many would have you believe.

    I was waiting for this to FTP. It looks interesting, but I can't find enough time to play consistently in a given month to get my money's worth from a subscription.

    Subscriptions would work better if they were tied to hours of playtime instead of months in the real world.

      Hell mofo yes.. Cannot wait for games like this to adopt an actual play time subscription

    I was waiting for it to go F2P since I really don't like paying subscription fees.

    Now that it is, I'm really excited because I really want to play this game.

    But I don't really want to get into a F2P MMO and then find 6 or 7 months down the track that its going to be shut down.

    It'll be Galaxies all over again.

    Comparing MMO subs to Battlefield Premium is just dumb... One is a one-off payment to receive upcoming expansions, and the other is a recurring monthly payment that doesn't stop being withdrawn from your account until you say stop.

    I still wouldn't play it. I don't care about subscriptions either way, I just want a 'good quality engaging, challenging and rewarding MMO', thats it, bottom line. If I have to pay a sub fee I would because I am happy with the product. $15 per month is still ridiculously cheap in terms of entertainment compared to other sources of entertainment. At the moment I am playing Guild Wars 2 and enjoying it, I really only have time to put into one MMO, so I can't see myself returning to SWTOR whether it was free or not. The game just isn't good enough.

    Of course subscription games are not dead, not at all. But the consumers time is limited and they have played enough F2P and subscription games to understand the difference between a quality game and a cash grab with a popular IP.

    Bring out a substandard game and expect people to pay $15 per month? Then get prepared to go F2P. Ohh thats how this panned out.

    I called it 2 weeks into the release ... im just surprised it took so long.

      I quite liked TOR but I simply didn't have enough free time to justify continued payment of the subscription fee.

      When The Secret World offer a lifetime subscription for the cost of less than a years subscription that was a very attractive offer for me. In the busy months I can put it down and in the quiet months I can pick it back up.

    Their website still lists this game as "Not available in your region".. not really feeling the love there. I will wait for the next Star Wars MMO anyway, methinks they can do a heck of a lot better.

    "Hey, we need a free-to-play MMO generic project A in this time frame, go build something."

    No, you guys (and Bioware) went,

    “Hey, we need a sub-based MMO generic project A in this time frame, go build something."

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