The PS Vita Won't Be Overrun With Ports, But Is That Enough?

Despite the PSP's relative success in terms of units shifted, it could be argued that the games weren't really there. For every Loco Roco, for every Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, there were a horde of ports. So many ports. That was a mistake, claims Sony's John Koller, and one Sony doesn't intend to repeat with the Vita.

"The issue that happened with PSP is we got overrun with ports," he said, speaking to Gamasutra. "It became very difficult for us to define what made PSP unique. The content development became a bit unstructured or decentralized, in that we got a lot of content that was on PlayStation 2 and got thrown over to the handheld."

According to Koller, new experiences tailored to the PS Vita is the key — games like the new Vita exclusive Assassin's Creed III: Liberation and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified are the direction Sony wants to head in.

But is this really the correct direction? Instead of ports, Sony is essentially creating a sub-console experience — via games developed (for the most part) by 2nd tier studios. The major reason I've always preferred using my DS, and now my 3DS, to the Sony equivalents is because I feel as though the handhelds are a real priority, not an afterthought. Even games like the God of War series on PSP still felt like something I didn't need to play, something 'non-canon'. I think this is the mistake Sony is continuing to make with the PS Vita.

I guess what I'm saying is: more Loco Roco, more Sound Shapes. Less of that other stuff.

Sony avoids PSP's mistake by encouraging fewer home console ports [Gamasutra]


    You're exactly right. Gamers don't want spin-offs like Uncharted or God of War or Assassins Creed, they want something tailor made for the system. You could have something set in the same universe, but making a game with the goal of copying 'most' of a console games features isn't a good design philosophy, and I don't think these games will be nearly as succesful as Sony is hoping them to be.

    Gravity Rush could have really been something if they fixed that combat, and more people should be trying what they did, or they'll just become the next Resistance - Burning Skies.

      I hope there is a Gravity Rush 2. If they fixed that combat it would be one of the perfect games on the Vita.

        A simple lock on to enemies would have fixed a lot of it. It just feels... a bit broken the way it is. That air attack feels really cheap to use, I feel bad for doing it :p

        Music and Graphics are amazing though.

          There was a subtle lock on feature. I thought it worked well.

      Don't assume you know what all gamers want. I'd absolutely love it if BioWare were to release a Vita game set in one of their universes that played exactly the same as their console/pc versions. Or if Bethesda was to do the same with one of their RPGs. I'd love it if companies straight up started porting their games onto the Vita. Part of the reason I haven't picked up a Vita is because there's a lack of that. There are no ports of popular console/pc games and while they are releasing some cool spin-offs they're not the spin-offs to series that would make me buy the Vita.

      What I want from Nintendo handhelds are fun little games specific to handhelds. Pokemon or a handheld Zelda game. What I want from a Sony handheld is a portable version on my PS3 that I can chuck in my bag when I'm going on trips.

        Honestly - I just find it annoying when a franchise is spread thin across a bunch of consoles/handhelds. But yeah, I think they should be pushing the whole cross-compatibility thing further.


      Example...Why is Mario Kart the number one selling game on the original DS??? Last I checked, it's a spin-off...not a game tailor made for the DS.

      For the love of god, I do not get this arguement...I'm not knocking Nintendo, I just don't get this argument.

      Resident Evil Revelations sold very well for itself on the 3DS - the last I checked, that is a Spin Off

      Again I just do not get this argument one little bit

      Here's the thing

      Peace Walker is a Spin-Off...Yet in my opinion it's one of the best games on the PSP...why? Because it's a spin off designed directly for the handheld.

      I thought the God of War games were excellent on the PSP...they were handled very well and gave me the God of War experience in the palm of my hands.

      Why is it Nintendo gets a pass at every turn? No seriously, they released a 10 year old game on their newest handheld and everyone gives them an instant pass...Why? It's a console game on a handheld...isn't this what you people bitched about on the PSP???

      This whole stupid arguement is just something I never got, and I still don't get...Nintendo do it all time and they get a pass...Sony does the same thing and everyone bitches "We don't want console games on handhelds"

      Hypocricy at it's best

        hell, The PSP monster Hunter games are spinoffs (with the main games being the console ones, Monster Hunter 4 being the first main series game to get a portable release), and they were some of the highest selling PSP games.

          ^^^ EXACTLY...In Japan, they practically were a factor in making the PSP a success...yet they're spin off's

          I just don't get this stupid inane arguement that we want Handheld Game, not Console Games on Handheld.

          Hello people, wasn't that the point of the Game Boy?

          The Game Boy was an underpowered NES with Spin-Off Mario Games that played like their console brothers but were portable

          The Game Boy Advance had numerous SNES ports...

          The Game Boy Color was launched with direct NES ports.

          I just don't get it...I never have, never will...this whole arguement of we want handheld games not console games is inane.

        wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! You're WRONG! (sung in DR. Cox's voice) Peace Walker was ment to be MGS5 but they decided against it so now it's in the line leading up to MGS5, being that it comes before ground zero and all that shiny new stuff that will soon be MGS5

          Spin Off...I know it's still part of the Canon Story and I know it was supposed to be MGS5 (at one point they were considering it) spin off may have been a poor choice of wording.

          But the point was that the guy I was replying to is saying "We Don't Want that stuff" like it's a matter of fact...which I think is bullcrap...I think Peace Walker is one of the best games on the PSP...I think the God of War games are some of the best on PSP...I think he is wrong as I kind of want more games like that (what I would give for a Peace Walker sequel for the Vita)

      Really? I loved the combat on Gravity Rush.

    the thing that makes me laugh is the 1 thing that made the PSP great is the one thing sony hates about the industry... the fact that it was so good for homebrew and modification..

    people bought so many because all of there friends had a hacked PSP, and saw how awesome that was, hell i used mine as an MP3 headunit in my car, built a mounting bracket and used it to play music/movies and video clips in my car.

      On topic however sony does seem to have this silly mentality that people want to play mobile clones of AAA games, instead of focusing on good original or new content they just rehash the same crap over and over.

      Its the reason Indie developers are so big atm, the ideas they come up with arent dictated by "what will make us the most money the fastest?... oh i know, lets make another call of battlefield warfighter zombies for the PSvita? by the time people realise its crap, they will have already bought millions of copies"

      i enjoy retro gameing more than most, but constant remakes and ports and quickly thrown together games that do nothing but capitalise on a brand name are ruining it for me.

      *Sorry that reply was meant for Jake...FYI

    Uncharted: Golden Abyss was a perfect example, because it was a side-story of extremely high quality... I never felt like I was getting a sub-par experience.

      Drake can't walk across a log anymore, you have to use gyro-sensors or he falls off. And removing dirt was fine once, but doing it a bunch of times?

      That's a sub-par console experience.

        My god, the 'puzzles' in Golden Abysess were so insanely tedious, I couldnt stand it.

          Yeah, I stopped playing because of it.

            Same here. I'm not sure I can bring myself to ever go back due to the gimmacky BS constantly itterupting the experience.

          PLEASE...the puzzles were easy as all hell in that game

            That's probably the problem. I'm having a similar issue with Darksiders, where the puzzle are really easy but take forever.

    I would also prefer "more" jrpg going to the west!
    I mean there are over 250.000 people minimum in europe who really like the games (best is only subtitled with eng) no voice translation needed to keep the feeling!

    Another move is ... and this is sad! Producer of games are afrait to invest their time and money into a VITA Game Development, because there are NOT enough VITA's out there! But because there are not enough Games ... people wont buy any VITA's!

    But there are some Unique things thats going to be released! Like "Ragnarok Odyssey"!
    It has alot of Potential ... suited for boys and girls.
    Not as Monster Hunter (i never felt that this was a game i need to spend my time on)
    but maybe I like RO because of the Online game i used to play.

    Sony is in some point right that there is less things that make the PS Vita "Unique" ...
    But we want like @Jake said
    Specially made for Vita! Games

    It is a really nice Portable Console! Augmented Reality is something thats why VITA is better than any Nintendo! The 3D on the 3DS sucked hard!

    Loco Roco Vita is also nice! Please make it!
    Also Correct the damn Prices! Really Do i want to pay 40-50 Bucks for a Portable Console with "average Graphic" compared to the PC? The Cheaper it will be ... the more people would buy VITAS!

    Also the Paranoid things about Sony is that Update 1.80 bound the Memory Card to a specific account -.-!"
    You should instead make the DLC's for Import games Public to all Regions!

    and Sony would still make a WIN!
    Its a real problem that is totally annoying.
    Also the Content Manager.... we know you're paranoid sony ... but dont take that feeling to hurt your customers ... i mean we need a INTERNET CONNECTION TO GET our Files Transferred? Comon.
    We need to "Activate" our PS Vita every time we make a Account change. What if your servers are going down? People wont able to use their Vitas!
    I dont like to see sony going straight down to the hell! But they already headed that way.

    Funnily enough right now I'm really looking forward to Persona 4...

      Actually, me too...

      But it's not a sub-console experience, it IS a console experience. With a fancy graphic update to boot.

    Seriously? That sounds more like personal opinion... For example, I found that the touch controls added to the overall experience, making it unique to the Vita, while maintaining the series trademarks. I thought the story length, the graphics and game play were of the same level of quality as it's PS3 counterpart, I'm sure others out there must agree.

    Give me Assassins Creed, give me Black Ops, give me the lot. Yes I would also like new IPs but I see no issue with expanding a universe to a hand held. Obviously not everyone will buy the Vita, so making games that contain an essential part of an overall story may prove problematic, but I have no problem whatsoever with side stories. Isn't that why people pay for DLC? To expand the experience? The difference here is the price, except you can take it with you, and the DLC lasts for hours longer.

    How about some Vita ports of all the PSP games we'll never get thanks to the system being thrown under the bus by Sony about half a year before the new system released? Still waiting for FF Type-0 and Valkyria Chronicles 3 :(

      Type 0. Wish I had imported.

    Frankly I would like to see the Vita overrun with ANYTHING at this point.

    I just want to play something on it. Anything.

    If the Vita was overrun by unique spin-offs that we call "ports", then what do we call a port like Metal Gear HD collection on the Vita?

    @hobobeard.. I agree, as long as there is a variety of games whether they are "ports" or not I just want to experience something fun and original. I have yet to find something on the vita that just blows my mind. If they are doing "spinoffs", why not an elder scrolls game.. I'd like to see what Bethesda Softworks would come up with..

    Half life 2 for the vita would be great, or portal 1 and 2

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