The Remnants Of 38 Studios Will Be Up For Auction In October

The Remnants Of 38 Studios Will Be Up For Auction In October

The sad, sordid saga of the total collapse of 38 Studios has quieted, but the state of Rhode Island is now left holding the assets of the defunct game developer. Rhode Island, not generally needing a game development studio but definitely needing cash, will be auctioning off the assets next month.

As Giant Bomb reported, the SJ Corio Company has listings for both the Rhode Island properties of 38 Studios as well as the Maryland assets of subsidiary Big Huge Games, the developers who made Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Among the huge pile of gaming and tech equipment — including monitors, computers, televisions, and consoles of every type — are an unspecified number of Xbox 360 XDK developer consoles, which Microsoft has requested be pulled from the auction and returned to them.

When the people and the energy they bring are gone, all that’s left from a studio is a pile of old computers and video conference equipment. And, apparently, a ping-pong table. If you happen to need a lot of second-hand equipment and want to help out the nation’s tiniest state, October 16 is your day.

Today in Depressing Auctions: Want to Own the Last Remaining Assets of 38 Studios? [UPDATED] [GiantBomb]

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