The Spy Hunter Movie Is Still Being Made, Gets New Director

According to a report on Vulture, Zombieland Director Ruben Fleischer is now at the helm of the Spy Hunter movie, a project which has been on and off more times than a freakin' light switch.

He'll be directing and executive producing. Or, at least, he will be for six months before he disappears and we don't hear about this ever again.

That said...if there's a new game coming out being published by Warner, who will also be overseeing the movie project...hmm, maybe not.

Exclusive: Zombieland Director Ruben Fleischer Pulling Trigger on Spy Hunter [Vulture]


    Your exclusive link goes no where...

    Unless it was a clever hint at the movies future...

    I've said this before, Spyhunter the movie the main star is the car, big name actors are badly suited to this movie. In a Spyhunter movie we want to see epic car chases. Not some big name talking about locking in the mega thrusters of the interceptor and synchronising with the other four lions.

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