The Strangest, Coolest Free iPhone Game You'll Play All Day

I know, I know; another girl rides her haunted skateboard through the underworld game.

Crafted dangerous close to my hidden base on the outskirts of Atlanta by Secret Library, Cool Pizza is a sweet little four-colour (okay, three colours and black) game about a skateboarding girl beating the hell out of hell with her possessed ride. It's a little bit Space Harrier and Afterburner, riding towards an unattainable horizon as enemies swarm across the screen.

Instead of shooting these enemies you jump at them like some savage warrior skateboard princess, beating them into submission and then leaping to the next foe, avoiding pink and green dangers as music from Atlanta artist Tettix (soundtrack here) drives you ever onward.

It's short, sexy and strange. It's also free. Let me guide you towards this freedom.

Cool Pizza [iTunes]


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