The Thousands Of New Animations In NBA 2K13 Include This Insane Dunk

NBA 2K13 will include, for the first time, NBA All-Star Week competitions such as the Three-Point Shootout and the dunk contest. Bet your arse you'll see this crazy dunk (at 1:15 in the video) in the latter.

The 2K Sports motion capture team brought in a duo called the Team Flight Brothers to put on the ping-pong balls and perform it and many other insane throwdowns. Special guest appearance by the 2K Insider, evidently in witness protection, at 2:10.

There are many other subtle animation upgrades made to the game, such as how the players palm the ball, hang on the rim, and display signature emotion during closeup shots. NBA 2K13 arrives on shelves October 2.


    2k insider: Reggie Miller?

      IMO Reggie Miller's ears stick out a lot more and his face is longer. I reckon the silhouette looks a little like Stephon Marbury, though you think he'd be a long shot given his history.

    From a technology standpoint thats pretty cool stuff. From an all star dunking competition standpoint, it's pretty meh.

    From 1.45 thru to 1.48, all the stiffs in the front row are not even watching the dunk but are probably looking at Stephen A Smith at half court break dancing...

    lol at doing that dunk in game....

    guys, just wait a sec...i gotta try dont grab the ball...just watch...

      Holding onto the ring in an actual game for more than one second is a technical foul =P

    The dunk is specifically for the All Star Sprite Slam Dunk Contest game mode, its not supposed to be for use in an actual game.

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