The Voice Of Kingdom Hearts' Riku To Appear In Nude Men' Special Issue

There's an assumption that only women appearing in revealing magazine spreads in Japan. That's incorrect! Hunky dudes do too. Hunky dudes like video game voice actor Mamoru Miyano. ` The 29-year-old has done a lot of voice work. He debuted as the voice of Riku in Kingdom Hearts, before moving on to the character of Light in Death Note and the lead in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Impressive! He's also done voice work for Tales of Vesperia, Inazuma Eleven, Steins; Gate, and one of the Pokémon feature films. Miyano is slated to voice the character of Ignis in Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

He's also slated to do a layout in a special issue of Junon, a monthly fashion mag aimed at young women. The special issue is titled "Beautiful NUDE Young Men Unbanned". It will feature an interview with the actor as well as photos. The photos will probably show Miyano with his shirt off or in revealing, yet tastefully covered poses. It's unlikely that he'll be showing the world, you know, his keyblade.

特集 『美NUDE男子、解禁』 [Official Site via ひまねっと]


    What a beautiful man.

    Definitely thought you meant David Gallagher and just went, "wat."

      At least you didn't misread the title like me and think it was saying Riku would appear naked...

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