The Week In Anger

Or outrage, or scorn. Video games are just one pushcart in the vast marketplace of ideas, where everyone shouts down the quality of the goods. Then again, sometimes the merchants deserve the berating. So let's recap the week's most noteworthy reactionary topics, scoring them for the outrage they summon and the scepticism they invite. Or otherwise.

OK, OK, This is What You'd Call a 'Roster Update'

Skinny: EA Sports mailed it in with FIFA 13 on the Wii, scheduled for execution.

No Shit? Score: 10/10. EA Sports and every sports publisher has been mailing it in on the Wii since the console was released. Plus, OMFG, this is a sports game, they're all roster updates. Why don't they just publish the game every three years and release the rosters as DLC. Oh, because Wii.

Outrage-o-Meter: 3/10. Even though any sports gamer with half a brain would stay the hell away, there's still the cynicism of selling this at full price, which is just inexcusable bullshit.

Playing Violent Video Games Actually Makes You Feel Less Pain, Researchers Find

Skinny: University researchers hook some undergrads up to Call of Duty and measure brainwaves. Result: They're not just feeling less compassion for their fellow man, they feel less pain for themelves.

No Shit? Score: 5/10. Most any scientific research into video games is going to prove something we already knew. It stands to reason that someone desensitised to the suffering he inflicts on virtual opponents would not recognise it when it is inflicted on himself.

Outrage-o-Meter:4/10. Reads well with mainstream media heavily conditioned to blaming everything on video games but, in the final analysis, doesn't scold as much as it explains why we're able to sit in one place until our asses grow numb — and then pee into a sink or a Mountain Dew bottle.

If You're Mexican, You Can't Speak Spanish to FIFA 13. But You Can Speak French

Skinny:EA Sports did a great job of talking up its multilingual support within Kinect for FIFA 13. Then the game released. In North America, you can only speak to the game in two languages: English and French. Because only white people care about soccer, of course.

No Shit? Score: 1/10. Everything leading up to this game's release suggested multilingual Kinect support, in languages not tied to the region in which the game was purchased. This is kind of a blindside. The idea that EA Sports would release voice support for this game in North America and not include the language of the most vocal supporters of futbol on that contintent is kind of shocking.

Outrage-o-Meter: 8/10. In addition to the fact that Spanish speakers in North America outumber French speakers by about a zillion to one, this is a game that has "Better with Kinect" striped across its front, in two languages. One of them is not understood by the game. That's just silly.

Read EA's Aggressive Warning Letter to a Former Employee

Skinny: Some guy quit Electronic Arts and got a nastygram from the company's legal division. He published it via Twitter.

No Shit? Score: 8/10. This is one of the largest publishers in the world and it has lawyer-mans up the ding-dong. The guy left the equivalent of the video game mafia and got a stern warning that it still expected omerta.

Outrage-o-Meter: 2/10. Who gives a fuck. This guy now works for ngmoco, a mobile games company. It's not like he has the secret that will free us from the tyranny of the Madden exclusive licence.

Turns Out Bayonetta on PS3 Was a Massive Failure

Skinny: Now that Bayonetta 2 has been announced as a Wii U exclusive, everyone starts giving a shit.

No Shit? Score: 4/10. Bayonetta was actually well regarded by critics. But its technical failures on the PS3 were universally cited, and the biggest reason this game did not clock a 90 Metacritic overall.

Outrage-o-Meter:: 2/10. Oh, now you cop to it.

The Folks Behind Duke Nukem Forever Want Your Money for a "New" Game

Skinny: 3D Realms is back and looking to develop a game sometime in the next 24 years, putting a project on a crowd funding site (not Kickstarter, unusually) for something called Earth No More.

No Shit? Score: 10/10. Crowdfunding sites were made for this kind of no-account name-dropping bullshit. "Remember us? The guys who burned through zillions of our own money not making the most popular game in the world? Yeah, give us some dough to do that for something no one has ever heard of."

Outrage-o-Meter: 6/10. Shut the fuck up. I want to open a Kickstarter to create a Kickstarter site that crowdfunds parodies of fan-created Kickstarter games.


    "It’s not like he has the secret that will free us from the tyranny of the Madden exclusive licence."

    But what if he CAN !?!?!?!?

    Actually I don't really care :P I don't know anything about sports games.

    I might be in the minority here, but I definitely think Owen is probably the worst journalist on Kotaku.

      Because Plonket and Tina don't actually count as journalists? :P

        Tina is second worst one more from her and she might take the lead. Plonky (Damn, now it's going to be harder not to play with his oh-so ridiculous name) is actually pretty good at times, though I admit, his crap far outweighs his creamy goodness.

          Yeah, his Total Recalls are usually pretty good. The rest though... makes it hard to remember they exist.

          I tend to forget about Bashcraft too though. I swear he used to be somewhat decent, but just seems to get worse and worse as time goes on.

      Probably, but you're certainly not alone. Said it before and I'll say it again, Luke and Bashcraft just need to take a decent journalism course orsomething, Owen is a narcissistic asshole that just reeks of the immaturity that's so easy to find on the internet.

      Owen is my favourite Kotaku journalist.

      I'm not sure if anyone even knows what a writer's job is. I'm also not sure what makes everyone so uber qualified to even discuss the specifics of journalism. I've always seen games writers as the enthusiast press, they aren't war correspondants, no matter how much importance you may want to attribute your favourite pastime.

        Well aside from basic grammar, there's this very real thing called prose, have a look into it if you can be bothered. And even failing that I'll think you'll find people just don't see reposting things they found on reddit as something that belongs on a gaming site, whether it's gaming related or not. A general rule of thumb? if you can't manage to write more than one tiny paragraph about something that isn't breaking news (see funny pictures) it's probably not enough to justify publishing an article on it.

    this article was terrible, kotaku us loves to try and be "SUPER SERIAL JERNALISTZ" yet they put this crap that sounds like an angry 14 year old? stay classy kotaku US

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