Wii U Comes Out In The US On Nov 18

At a special event today in New York City, Nintendo announced the follow up to the hugely successful Wii console will be available in the US on Sunday, November 18. Australia will get it on November 30.

Update: Australian pricing details have also been released.

The new console will be backwards compatible with all the games and accessories of its predecessor.

More than a year after Nintendo first showed the system to the public, the company has revealed that the North American launch date for the Wii U. Two of configurations will be available, with a Deluxe Set model with a 32GB HDD and a Basic Set version with an 8GB HDD. The deluxe set will cost $US349.99 and the basic set will cost $US299.99.


    So the basically $AUD650... probably..

      yeah it costs a lot to ship them to Australia cause we're such a remote country!

    I'd import one, but no sensor bar...? Srsly?

      It has a sensor bar. That article was wrong.

        No, only the deluxe version will include a sensor bar. Otherwise, you must buy it separately, or use the bar from your Wii.

      Why do you need one though? If you have a wiimote you probably have a sensor bar already.

    32GB HDD to store all 3 of your games!

      yeah, seems odd seeing how hard nintendo were pushing digital distribution for the wiiu

    One part of me is saying the Wii U will fail because of the bad controller charge time, lack of launch games, overpriced hardware, and crappy online infrastructure.

    ..... another part of me is saying it'll sell like hotcakes because it's Nintendo.

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