The Wii U Does Not Come With A Sensor Bar

The Wii came with a Sensor Bar. The Wii U does not. The logic behind that seems to be that Nintendo thinks Wii U customers already have a Wii, so they can use that Sensor Bar with the Wii U.

Those customers who do not have a Sensor Bar, Nintendo is more than happy to sell them one for ¥2,030.


    I wonder if this will signal the re-start of Brain's anti-Nintendo articles, I remember when the 3DS had a slow start he made article after article about Nintendo going broke and then when the 3DS started selling well again he stopped making any article about the 3DS.

    or u can place the gamepad in front of the tv and use its sensor bar, works the same

      That works, unless it's an asymmetric 4 player game where one player is using the gamepad. I guess they figure that these games usually just see the 3 players using the wiimote buttons without the pointer, but still... given how cheap these things must be to produce, it seems an odd decision.

    ¥2,030 is about $25 via direct change over... So about $30-$40 on shelf

    They took a similar approach with the 3DSXL, by not including the charger. (Was it the 3DSXL? Too many DSes...) Defend it how you will, that was just plain stupid.

      Crap, I'm planning to import a 3DS LL. Gonna have to buy a japanese charger and a travel adapter...

        Why? in your case it should be a good thing since you wont have a useless Japanese charger and can just buy an aussie charger.

      Er... my 3DS XL came with the charger :S

        If you got in australia then yes it did. Aus law requires the product to work without having to purchase other items to use it in its most basic form.

          Right, so Mr Gout's 'plain stupid' argument is kinda moot in Australia (which I assume is where he lives)

    Well, the Wii U doesn't come with a wiimote, so I don't see why it should come with one.

    Actually, the basic Wii U comes with it. Theres a picture on Nintendo's facebook page that shows what you get and the sensor bar is there along with a hdmi cable. Nice misinformation there.

    I just saw 2 different console packs on
    black premium for $428 which specifically indicates it comes with a sensor bar. then white basic for $348 which does not mention a sensor abr either.
    I don't care. I miss my wii since i gave it to my nephew and will always love nintendo. so when this bad boy comes out i predict the PC and PS3 gathering some dust!

    "The logic behind that seems to be that Nintendo thinks Wii U customers already have a Wii"


    i don't think it really matters the deluxe ed is only 80 bucks more and the heaps of extra storage space alone means that you might as well just get that

    Why is everyone here so misinformed? My 3DS XL came with a charger just like any other Nintendo handheld.

    Also this whole gamepad thing is strange. Won't people be fighting over who gets to use the gamepad? Now they're saying if you use two gamepads it causes the games to run at half the FPS. The high frame rate was what got me interested into this system in the first place. The games looked "next gen" because of how smooth everything moved. It has a realistic look to it.

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