The Wii U’s Controllers Are REALLY Expensive

The Wii U’s Controllers Are REALLY Expensive

When the Wii U goes on sale in Japan on December 8, the cheaper of the two hardware bundles available will be priced at ¥26250.

If you want to buy a second Wii U controller, though – and remember, the system does support two, even if early games won’t – you’re going to have to pay.

A standalone Wii U pad will cost ¥13440. Or, half the price of the entire console. That’s unprecedented in home console gaming, at least for a standard peripheral at this stage of its life.

Let’s convert that to US Dollars. It’s a little unfair, given the conversion rate doesn’t reflect what the console will actually cost in the West, but this is just for illustrative purposes.

¥26250 converts today to USD$337. A controller, at ¥13440, converts to USD$172.

That’s insane. It’s expected, since so much of the Wii U’s appeal – and horsepower, as the console appears roughly equal to the PS3 and 360 in many areas – is packed into the pad, but still. You can understand why Nintendo doesn’t expect many games, or gamers, to be using two of these things.


  • why is the wii u console equal to ps3 or 360? where are your facts this is the case?
    Didn’t u just report earlier about 2GB ram? is that equal?
    Also I think we all guessed the Wii U pad would be expense – it is a gaming tablet

  • “resistive touch technology” that’s important. I would how responsive it is etc
    I can’t wait to test it out.
    Still overall I’m pumped and looking forward to the latest news tonight

  • Nice bit of Nintendo trolling there. The subtle and incorrect dig at system specs to stir the fanboy nest. It’s a shame that besides ports, there aren’t any confirmed Wii U games that show that it is better than current gen.

    I think it is a bit stupid to continue comparing the specs to two 6 year old consoles that have about a fifth of the total onboard ram and GPUs from about 5 or 6 years before the wii u’s.

    I think the sad thing is that by the time Nintendo (and we all know it will be Nintendo first) make a wii u game that graphically blows PS3 and Xbox360 back into the mid noughties, the newer more powerful machines will be out.

  • If the Wii-U launches in the $400-$500 price range as predicted, then those controllers are going to be at least $200 a piece… If this turns out to be true, then Nintendo just priced themselves out of the games business

    • and before all you “but the Australian dollar is strong, we’ll get it closer to the US price” defenders come out of the woodwork to jump on what I said, remember that we have yet still to get the “Australia Tax” added to the console.

      The following prices are examples of the “Australian Tax” at work (when they launched)
      PSVita US Price – $250-$299
      PSVita AU Price – $350-$420
      iPhone 5 US Price – $200-$400
      iPhone 5 AU Price – $800-$1000
      Wii US Price – $250
      Wii AU Price – $400

        • Boo-Boo! Wrong! Same product, made in the same factory, shipping in the same manner. Identical products priced differently due to location. The “contracts” mean nothing. The iPhone can be bought outright for those prices via their website, it has nothing to with any other outside source.

          • of course it is the same product.
            But they have a different contract setup – They have 3 telcos to choose from the lowest plan starts at $80 US per month. Phone will only work on there 3 telcos
            Aus iphone price is outright. You can run on any network you like in australia and plan. but a bundle plan for iphone will make the phone free or cheaper

          • uh…the iphone 4S is $549 unlocked/no contract from the US apple store…where did u get the $400 price tag for iphone 5??

        • On the subject of tax, everything in America the tax is not included in the price, so the difference between console and game prices isn’t as big as it seems. I was recently over there and bought a pre-paid phone for about $80 and got hit with a $40 tax on top of that.

        • We have a Tax System in place to make everything more exensive. Doesnt matter about a contract, its what the Goverments Law is for selling things here. The reason we pay more is so that extra cash goes to our health care or atleast the Goverments share of the money does.

  • Yeah I wouldn’t pay the US pricing for one, once the Aussie mark-up gets tacked on there is no way in hell any normal person will waste their money.

    • I usually buy Nintendo consoles just for the Mario/Zelda titles…they’re usually so good that it’s worth it. I stood in line at midnight to buy the Wii when it came out. But I don’t think I’ll be getting a Wii U. Not immediately anyway. If after a while I see something worthwhile I might get one, but I’m becoming increasingly less interested in consoles these days, and Nintendo is getting very good at disappointing me.

  • I knew it. Instead of making a controller that will cost $50 they go ahead and make a controller thats gonna cost more then the Original Wii, not to mention that the Controller has had a fair bit of a negative reaction due to it being uncomfortable and stupid to have to look at the controller all the time.

    Nintendo have allready destroyed the Wii U. Wait, that means it will cost $200 for the controller. Hahahaha fuk u nintendo, you allways try to innovate by ripping us off.

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