The World's Greatest Assassin's Creed Leap Of Faith

Oh man, this is just too good. It is literally too funny. I hate it when people say things are 'too funny', but this just is. Watch 'Connor' from Assassin's Creed 3 make a leap of faith... from space.

I won't ruin the punchline, despite the fact it'll be obvious to most. Despite the fact I saw it coming from a mile away, I still laughed out loud. Props to the folks who made it. This absolutely worth watching.

Thanks Destructoid


    Ah.............I think I missed something? O_o I just.... don't get the 'punchline'?

      It took me a few minutes to figure it out too. Here's a hint: Physics.

        I got it a few minutes later *slaps forehead* It was slightly chuckleworthy I guess. Made for a pretty good rewatch though :)

        I'm still not getting it. Is it do do with him being in orbit ? If so just plain lame, not funny.

          Moreso how no matter how high up an assassin is a little pile of hay always saves them.

      you and me both.


    meh.... best leap of faith?


    Rather amusing, and completely true.

    ** Slight Spoiler **
    The other thing that's always intrigued me is how he always ends up *inside* the haystack. Hay doesn't do that if you jump on it.

    How can something be "literally too funny"?

      Yeah "literally too funny" doesn't make sense. It's not a proper statement. Jernalizm.

    Yeah, that was not "literally too funny" at all.

    Would of been funnier if he burnt up on re-entry :P Still pretty cool though

    There was a joke in that video? I expected him to burn up as well.

    Fake and ghey

      Wait, you were expecting someone to actually fall from space dressed as Connor?

      This comment was literally too funny.

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