There'll Be Three Pieces Of DLC For This Mario Game

Nintendo has just detailed the New Super Mario Bros. 2 DLC that it first announced back in June at E3.

There'll be three packs made available:

- Coin Rush Original Course

- Gold Mario Go! Go! Go! Pack

- Kiroku ni Challenge! A Pack


    All of those look horrible. This is the type of DLC that people hate. Nintendo has no idea what they're doing.

      You haven't even played it yet you're hating all over it. nice.

        Look at it. One's a jump on enemies challenge, and the other is a coin race. No new environments, no new enemies, and I bet it's on-cartridge DLC too. This is as lame as a weapon pack for Far Cry 2, no-one wants this crap.

          The levels are designed specifically for coin rush mode, If you haven't played Coin Rush I suggest you GTFO

            I haven't played NSMB2.

              Well there's your problem.

    So is there a translation or a summary on what these packs are? Because I'm just seeing Mario levels I've seen before and a whole lot of japanese that I don't understand.

    That hard dlc pack looks awesome

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