There’s A Mysterious City Hidden Beneath The Water In Borderlands 2

There’s A Mysterious City Hidden Beneath The Water In Borderlands 2

We all know that Borderlands 2 contains heaps of secrets, references and easter eggs. But I’ve found something that’s not on any “best secrets” list… it’s something truly mysterious and perplexing that may change the way you feel about the world and your place in it.

I’ve become enamoured of Borderlands 2‘s refkections — in standing water or through my gun’s scope, the world of Pandora is often bent and refracted as if through a lens. As I was wandering the hub-town of Sanctuary, I discovered the above phenomenon, in which the water reflects a mountain but no buildings, and then reflects buildings that AREN’T THERE.

I took out my capture software and went all Ghost Hunters on it, capturing footage of the bizarre, paranormal phenomenon.

Is this perhaps a GHOST CITY, lingering beneath the depths?

Or maybe a PORTAL INTO ANOTHER DIMENSION, a bizarro world where people talk out their differences and no one’s ever heard of a “grenade mod”?

Or perhaps it’s just a grapical bug? WE MAY NEVER KNOW.


  • Really? This deserves an article?

    It’s obvious that it’s just a texture applied to the surface of the water to give the illusion of there being a reflection. No games use real reflections anymore, probably to avoid performance issues and recursion issues.

      • I’m aware the author wasn’t being serious.

        The first time I walked into Sanctuary, I looked in that same puddle and instantly thought “yep, seen that same trick used 100 times before, meh” and continued walking. I just don’t see why it’s even deserving of any special notice, especially enough to have an article written about it.

        Not even angry or annoyed, just boggled.

  • No, this is just a generic cubemap they use for every reflection in the game. A similar system is used in pretty much every game these days.

  • This is like an awkward moment in high school 10 years ago when the teacher thought this movie was outside the box by the director talking about the movie while it was playing. The fool didnt know it was just the commentary turned on by default on the dvd player

  • This reminds me of the extra buildings across the water in the GoldenEye dam level. Love stuff like this even if it does end up being simply abandoned plans or a graphical glitch.

  • Its more noticeable on some of the windows in the wildlife exploitation preserve, Just after you enter the facility there are two windows, facing each other but showing the exact same view. Other than that the game is really impressive, i just wish that i would be able to run the physics on high, it really adds so much more to the game.

  • REFKECTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • realtime reflections are not hard – just costly in terms of performance., most engines will opt for a cubic reflection map in most cases.

  • I see forums are still powered by people with too much time and think they know everything and shup-up -cause-i -am-right type of people, eh?
    Questions for you MadDogMike, if you already knew this because you are so brilliant and its all “Meh” why even comment if not to show everyone you are better because you know. Why dont you submit an article in Kotaku- wait, make it anywhere inthe web- instead of poo pooing stuff here or anywhere… who the f**uck do you think you are, the article police?

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