There’s A New Halo 4 Trailer Today, Too

There’s A New Halo 4 Trailer Today, Too

For those who like their gaming media and news a little less Japanese in origins today, here. A new trailer for Halo 4, showing off all the guns and weaponry that the Covenant – who you’re still fighting, in some small way – are packing in the game.


  • “The kids love this dubstep, lets put it on the trailer”

    I’m working towards a degree to get me into the gaming industry so that the next generation of gamers don’t need to suffer stupid shit like this anymore.

    Love the Halo story, should be interesting to see where 343 is going to do with it.

    • What genre of music would you have put in this trailer Mr. working towards a degree man dude?

      This looks like the most complete Halo game to date. Love it.

      • They could of had the actual Halo orchestral theme in the background, or the version with the electric guitar riff, you know, like the other games did. Surely when Microsoft bought the franchise they secured the rights to the theme song as well?

    • they’ve got a version with no music so you can listen to the weapons in detail, this is a weapon showcase vid after all, not a story vid…

      Anyway we have 5 vids right now with the orchestra playing

    • Why don’t you people read your facts? 343i signed a contract with Muse, thats why this type of music is in it.

  • As long as this type of quasi-dubsteb (or whatever the hell it is) isn’t in the actual game I’ll be a happy chap. It’s sad that M$ think they should use this music to attract the dudebros (c’mon, who else would like that awful sound?)

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