There's A New Nintendo 3DS XL Color. This Is It.


    How about they completely scrap the whole colour x black thing, and just sell a model that doesn't have 3D?

      Seriously, is ANYONE using 3D now? It's just so impractical and after using it for a few hours when I first got it I leave it off permanently now.

        I know I am. Not always, but to say it NEVER improves the experience or look pretty is a bit strong.


        I use it.

      How about no?

      Everything looks better with the 3D on. I never play with it off unless someone starts onlooking from the side, then I usually switch it off as a courtesy to them.

    Am I the only one who think the screen look terrible on these? After checking out a 3DSXL at jbhifi I was completely turned off by how pixelated the screen was.

      It's sorta low res but the games play well on it so I don't care.

    I bought a silver one. Bright colous don't look great with my setup.

    This is the one I have currently :3

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