There's Not That Much Difference Between Guild Wars 2 Players And Lemmings

So, Guild Wars 2 has a lot of cliffs and high ledges in it. Really, a lot of them. Jumping up and climbing and platforming are a significant part of the experience. Unfortunately for players like me, unlike other games it has no safe fall skill you can train up. Falling equals falling damage and, often, falling death.

It also has, particularly in PvP, a bit of a mob rush mentality, for the moment. A wild event appears, and everyone chases it. Perhaps to their detriment (and to their demise).

In fact, the lemmings have more sense than to leap off a cliff unprompted. MMO players? Well, we'll do anything for a lark. So if anyone's mother asks, "Well if all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?" the answer is apparently, "Well, if we're in GW2, then yes."


    Having spent weeks prior playing The Secret World, where there is no fall damage, ever, having it in GW2 threw me off.

    Also, I hate the sliding down an angled ledge causes massive fall damage.

      I agree, but I do like that they implemented a face plant if you fall far enough (and not die) xD

      sliding down an angled ledge causes LESS fall damage than just regular falling. Trust me, I've experimented with this many many times. What causes you MORE falling damage is if the ledge is not smooth, what this does is, it causes you to take a hit every single time you encounter something jutting out, but because it's not big enough to stop you, you keep going. So you end up taking like 12 hits before you hit the bottom, thus resulting in death

    There is a fall damage skill you can level. Warriors can take half damage.

      Rangers and guardians also have 50% less fall damage trait abilities...

      I think all classes do.
      Also Necros are good for cliff jumping - go into death shroud and it will damage that instead of your hp.

        Yeah pretty sure all classes get a bubble buff when rezzing and fall mitigation. Also I guess weapon training traits.
        Mesmers -> Descent into madness -> 10 points into the Chaos tree. 50% less fall damage. + chaos storm on landing. Sort of like an upgraded Icarus landing system from DE:HR :)

    I think I've died more from falling than anything else in GW2. I see something and I just have to climb it, and most of the time I end up sliding down it and going splat. Or I'll be trying to take a short cut and misjudge the height of something and end up falling too far.

      same. It's especially easy to misjudge the falling distance when on a Norn, since everything looks so small relative to me, I'm all like "Hmm that looks like it's not going to damage me much" -> Death -> Come back with an Asura -> "Yeah, that was definitely too high to jump from."

    How does he run on all fours and look like that?

      He's a charr

    Problem with pvp sometimes is people dont speak english. They cant read the orders in the chat so they just follow others or rush to the events. Yesterday arvo, a fort we were attacking had the wall smashed. We yelled in chat it was down but 20 or so people sat there for a good 5 minutes still attacking the gate.

      TBH I dont think thats a language barrier: I think its a combo of not paying attention to chat, and just wanting to attack something

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