These Are The Most Unexpected (And Horrifying) Diablo III Errors You've Ever Seen

Error 37 and Error 3003 might have been the popular ones in Diablo III's first burst of popularity, but the Mega64 folks have found quite a few other... "interesting" ones.

I rarely shield my eyes from anything, especially not from a silly YouTube video, but Error 5 really horrified me. I guarantee you haven't seen Error 5: Too Much Poopsocking in your rounds of Diablo III.

Ok, I *hope* you haven't seen that error...

Mega64: DIABLO 3 - NIGHT OF 1000 ERRORS [YouTube]


    The irony of "an unexpected error has occurred" appearing when I pressed play...

      That's not ironic, that's just coincidental.

        ...really now? Why don't we all start a definition war where nobody wins!

          Wouldn't happen if you just stopped using the word irony. You clearly don't know what it means.

    this is just stupid

      No, you're stupid. Mega64 is amazing.

    yeeaaahh this is shit

      No, that's a poopsock.

    They didn't even get the all mighty Diablo correct.

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