Things You Will Never Hear A Gamer Actually Say

As anyone who has played on Xbox Live knows, there is almost nothing a gamer could say that would surprise or shock you.


Some things, though, you can almost guarantee would never come out of someone's mouth. Here are 15 of them.

15 Things You'll Never Hear Gamers Say [Dorkly]


    An article linking us to an article.....

      You know what's great, at Giant Bomb Patrick does a summary article at the end of every week called Worth Reading. It's a series of links worth while content from other sources which he provides a bit of light commentary on.

      It's a far better option than just endlessly cranking out faux content on the main page of your site every day as click bait.

        I don't often go to sites like Reddit so I'm fine with him posting things like this, but I agree, a weekly round up would probably be better than posting a couple articles with one sentence and a link every day.

        The US guys get paid in hits though, and I imagine 20 articles with links to other sites will earn more hits per week than one article with 20 links in it, so I can't ever see this happening.

          Do they? Shit, I click on this joker's articles to see the amusing comments slagging him off. I didn't realise I was actually lining this turd's pockets.

            Of course they do. Thankfully I have adblocker on.

        Please don't compare Plunkett to GB. Kotaku is a news-aggregator. There is almost no first-line news since this is a blog. It's like comparing Gizmodo to The Verge.

      Complaints aside, I would not have seen this on Dorkly if Kotaku hadn't linked it, so, yeah.

    Things you'll never hear gamers say. No.16 -- luke Plunkett is a quality games journalist.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    These are all pretty stereotypical. I'm fine with day one DLC because I understand why it exists, I like quicktime events (most of the time) and Origin is a pretty decent service, the Australian pricing sucks so I probably wouldn't recommend it to a fellow aussie but I wouldn't have a problem suggesting it to an American. So, there's three things you've just heard a gamer say. Also, people clearly do like figuring out Zelda's continuity or you wouldn't have so many people doing it.

    I like new final fantasy better than old. So there you go

      Same here man and also I enjoy Metal Gear Solid games cutscenes so yeah.

    This sounds like the sort of jokes a fart-sniffer would come up with.

      * "nose-laughed" at that

    "love and romance can always be found in Battlegrounds of world of warcraft"

    "that person killed me because I dropped the ball and their skills were superior to mine -well done sir. "

    "I disagree with what that person says on a gaming forum so I will put forward a respectful and sane argument rather than just using bad grammar and calling him names"

    Actually I do say try origin. Running faster, smoother, downloads quicker and has a sleeker overlay. Few minor issues aside its not bad.

    As for the article, how do you keep your job plunkett? I coul surf h web and copy an paste too!

    Origin is only on my pc because of Battlefield.

      actually, i like origion great for downloading games that i loose the cd for

    Things You Will Never Hear A Gamer Actually Say...

    "I'll go get a job to support my hobby, rather than relying on Centrelink payments"
    ^ *semi-serious comment*

      Dude, gaming is far too expensive of a hobby to rely on Centrelink payments :P

    Things you will never hear a gamer say...

    Battlefield 3 is worst than MW3

      "Battlefield 3 is worst (sic) than MW3"

      You're right! I've never heard that one!

    Always preferred Origin to Steam.
    Come at me.

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