This Artist Makes Even The Horrors Of Silent Hill Look Surprisingly Cute

Gorgeous prints of Okami, The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy, while always welcomed, are not a rarity. Charming impressions of Pyramid Head, on the other hand, are a lot more rare. And, admittedly, with good reason.

Artist Robin E. Kaplan, in her Etsy alias The Gorgonist, is a children's book illustrator. She also has experience with video game art and design, and it shows. Among the many, many adorable pieces of art featured on her shop are several from the world of video games.

There's even a whole Final Fantasy section of the shop, for those who need more mini mages in their lives. Scroll down for a few more game-themed highlights, or hit the shop for all those plus a couple hundred more.

The Gorgonist [Etsy, via Twitter]


    Silent HIll is cute. For whatever reason it does pain me to see Okami done in any style other than the original. Original is just too damn good!

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