This Assassin’s Creed 3 Trailer Shows Why It’s A Proper Sequel

This Assassin’s Creed 3 Trailer Shows Why It’s A Proper Sequel

We’ve been playing in the Assassin’s Creed 2 universe for so long, that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to play a proper Assassin’s Creed sequel. And by ‘proper’ I don’t just mean the number on the end of the title, I’m talking about a video game with new mechanics, new assets, new locales — everything. This trailer, despite only being 45 seconds long, really shows us that Assassin’s Creed 3 is a proper sequel in every sense of the word.

This trailer shows of the levels set in the Mayan ruins. It really seems to show off a more organic Assassin’s Creed, outside of the cities. Really looking forward to playing this. The scope seems massive.

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  • It makes me very, very sad that in a universe that is set on intertwining itself with existing mythos and cultures, something as big as exploring a Mayan ruin and the thematic links to the entire story world that are likely to be explored there is limited by a bloody pre-order.

    Do I not deserve to experience that SP content because I choose to spend my money wisely?

    • No. Preorder it and get the content or don’t preorder it and don’t get the content. It’s basic consumerism, why would you deserve a product you aren’t going to buy?

  • “Ignite the revolution”, and here I was thinking we weren’t taking sides, and that the game wasn’t an unabashed celebration of American patriotism and national mythology.

    It could all be different in the real game, but this marketing isn’t doing much for me at all.

    • Agreed. I’m still definitely going to get the game on release day, but it annoys me that the devs say that we’ll be fighting against both sides during separate parts of the story, but Ubisoft marketing thinks the American public can’t see promo footage of Blue Coats being stabbed? Everybody is too politically correct these days.

      • The problem is, they are completely correct. The American public CAN’T see that. The general population in any country are complete cattle, but when you infuse that ignorance with an obligation for ravenous nationalism, it becomes so much more dangerous / close-minded.

        • Exactly screw being politically correct kill some Americans and if they have anything wrong with it they can get stuffed because it’s fine if they kill everyone else but when the tables are turned its all no we are the heroes

    • I keep thinking this looks great, the revolution was an interesting period. But the advertising is so “America! **** yeah!”

      • Why should they need to? It’s universally accepted common knowledge that the british empire was hated by and at war with every major nation on earth it hadn’t already conquered during and after the 1700’s. They were the enemy of everyone. If you really think that americans were the “bad guys” in this time then i think you need to evaluate your perspective.

  • I always hoped that AC was going to be basically a “Quantum Leap (TV Series)” game with action and adventure.. not just set in a singular time but moving across through many different locales and times in Earth history.. when I played the first one, for the first few hours into the game, I was continually waiting for the next locale/time to happen.. but it never did.

    So looks like I will still be waiting..

  • mmm captain kidd might be an indirect ancestor of mine there was a part of my family called kidd and I remember my grandmother telling me someone kidd was a pirate or ship captain , hmmm .. wonder if she was joking?

  • Ahh, i actually thought the author was being sarcastic in saying it was a “true sequel” in the sense that every game has played this “pre-order for the rest of the game” stuff. In other words, it’s continued the saga of giving us half the game on release.

    But then i realised OP was genuinely making a rather “massive” claim based on a tv advertisement aimed at marketing the game, rather than showing anything at all story related.

    I actually thought it was a smartly-written kotaku article.

    Silly me

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