This Crysis 3 Trailer Has Slo-Mo. And Explosions.

Lots of explosions. I thought Crysis 2 was one of the most overlooked shooters of 2011 — particularly when it looked so, so good on consoles. But what I loved most was the streamlined control system, the tight level design and the scale. As you might expect, I'm pretty keen on Crysis 3.

Like most trailers, however, this focuses on the raw action of the game. People are running fast — in slo-mo, if that makes any sense — and absolutely everything is on fire for some reason.

But it's still a good trailer. It still does a decent job of rallying the hype train. I expect Crysis 3 to be pretty top notch.


    So thats an EA game yeah? pass...

    lol, "looked so, so good on consoles". At less than 720p and not a stable frame rate and some realy bad textures......... ill give cryteck a chance tho, allways have faith in em, they are pretty good :P

    So long as it's still using a Crytek engine I'm in.

    Adore part 1, liked part 2 a lot, it was a lot better than the standard COD style shooter at the time, especially the multiple approaches to levels upon replay. 3 looks like mad fun. Cannot wait to see how they've resurrected Prophet as the main character???

    Didn't the nano suit basically copy prophets dna/mind and he was starting to come back near the end through the other guy can't remember his name

    Bought the previous 2 and enjoyed them, So I'll be picking this one up as well. :D

    I was disappointed when I realised all the video footage I saw online before picking up Crysis 2 were for the PC version, and that the PS3 version had a gimped framerate which made playing online a bit of a joke. Plus their online infrastructure wasnt very good. Lost count of the number of drop outs and broken parties.

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