This Game Looks Nothing Like Pokémon

Nope. Nothing like it at all. It's totally different. No way could anyone call Little Masters a Pokémon rip-off. Just look at it. See? Totally different.

Recently released on iOS, Little Masters is a game in which you caught monsters, train them, and have them fight. Know why they call the game "Little Masters"? Because the developers haven't yet figured out how to master making something original. They have, however, figured out how to copy something!

Little Masters - Universal [YouTube]


    The graphics are similar, and so is combat. But the rest of the gameplay is completely different, this is a ranch sim (going off the gameplay footage).

    What's wrong with a copy? If devs weren't copying ideas, gems like saints row never would have been made, and if i remember correctly the original cod was pretty similar to mohaa... Why not tell us something about the game like whether or not you thought it was good?

      You fool! MoH was made by infinity ward before they were infinity ward.

    Ummm, big deal?

    Do you only ever consume things that are original? You must have a varied but ultimately insubstantial life.

    yeah because pokemon was the to come up with turn based combat involving a form of animal...

      But they did, hence it was soo popular back in the day...

        No they didn't. They were, however, the first to make it popular with anyone other than the hardcore gamer, hence why people believe it to be the first of its kind.

          Mmm. Wasn't Dragon Quest Monsters first?

            yeah, so was LEGEND OF THE RIVER KING

    Don't see a problem with this, gamefreak won't release an IOS or Android pokemon game so they arnt stealing any sales

      This is relevant. I've been looking for something pokemon-y on IOS for ages. I've tried a few different things, including the Monster Rancher game, but none of them comes close to the original. So I'd give this a try since the actual game will never come on anything but nintendo (Which I also purchase, so I am hardly a lost sale)

    No problem with a Clone, but when the clone feels like 95% of it is ripped right out of the original then yeah, it's a cheap knock off.

    Only thing I see different really is he breeding aspect to me which for some reason feels more viva piñata to me..

    Well put it this way, if I looked at this game at a glance, I'd be 100 percent certain it is pokemon

    well, seeing as pokemon will never come officialy to an IOS or android device i welcome copies

      Or on anything other then a nintendo handheld..

    I'm really enjoying this game, and if Nintendo won't release pokemon on the ios then screw them, I'll send my money to these guys.

    It's a well designed micro-transaction trap.
    The whole pokemon look and feel to it can easily be passed off as pokemon to parents and children, and when the app is free who could argue? Secondly is the in game mechanics which persuade you to buy coins. By the looks of it you receive an egg after each battle win, and rely on real time for it to hatch (or use coins to skip the whole wait), which can be eaten up very quickly. And finally is the need for a consistent internet connection to play it. Most games seem to do fine when playing offline, so is there any reason for the need to be online when you don't want to play against people?

    Wouldn't be surprised to hear about upset parents with bills on their credit cards because their kids bought in game coins

    Eh, morally I wouldn't get too fussed over someone making a very similar game to another game. It's not "THE GREATEST MORAL CRIME IN THE WORLD", by any stretch of the imagination. Hell, if you really think about it, it's not even immoral if they programmed it from the ground up and didn't steal any assets directly.

    Sure, it's lazy. Most games are. Sure, it isn't creative. Most games aren't. Yes, I would rather that developers tried to make original things - but most games are, have and always will be derivatives of the truly exceptional few. Just like most films and TV shows and Books are merely a mediocre bunch trying to ape the style of the few truly inspirational films, shows and books.

    This game might be a shameless copy - but hey, if that's what they want to make and that's what the consumer buys, then there's no moral issue here.

    A new patent war pending? I know it wasn't made by Apple, but hosting a game that looks 99% the same as Pokemon is a little suss. Considering they're being a little petty with Samsung.

    so basically, I take it the developer isn't Chinese? After all when it's a Chinese developer people are all "Boo China this, China that blah blah blah". And there's a distinct lack of that in this comment thread

    Lol.. Oh well, Gamefreak couldn't keep Nintendo alive forever
    I think it's funny. Mainly because Pokemon was a ripoff of Dragon Warrior Monsters (aka Dragon Quest Monsters)

    I still smell a lawsuit.

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