This Gun From Borderlands 2 Is The Most Annoying Weapon Ever And I Love It

This Gun From Borderlands 2 Is The Most Annoying Weapon Ever And I Love It

I have not played Borderlands 2. But this gun — this delightfully obnoxious, bizarre gun — is actually kind of making me want to.

A gun that shouts at you, and can only be captioned as “annoying sounds?” That’s the kind of silliness I appreciate in my games. Even if it makes me take off my headphones for a while.

Should you wish to have your own weaponry yell at you, according to PC Gamer the gun is name “Hyperion’s Energizing Bane” and can be found in Lynchwood, late in the game. Our own Tina Amini adds that it sounds like Tiny Tina (no relation), and is a cursed weapon.

Cursed weapon, cursing weapon… all in good fun, right?


    • Sigh people are still going about Duke Nukem Forever? Gearbox DID NOT create the game AT ALL. They only took it from the game cemetery and bump up the engine and release it. No one ever research anything just talking believe what internet trolls say

      • Duke Nukem Forever was, nonetheless, a Gearbox title when it was finally released, and apart from the numerous issues with the game itself (which can mostly be pinned on 3D Realms), the part of it than fell the hardest was a lot of the writing and attempts at gaming metahumour.

        Gearbox did a fair amount of polish work to resurrect it, so we can’t absolve them entirely of the blame.

  • There is a talking gun before this one around Lv 15 or so when you find an AI core. At the end you get the option to turn him into a weapon or shield. Weapon has him talking nearly all the time. When you fire, when you aim (zoooooom in, enhance, i spy with my little eye to name a few phrases) and is a great laugh to have out. Oh and the weapon kicks some serious ass too with it being a hyperion, 10 clip full auto shotty so it gains accuracy as you fire.

  • If anyone has seen the art book that comes in the Loot Chest edition, there are a few pages near the back where they mention some of the unique guns in the game.

    The damage expressions for those guns is INSANE. I am playing the game right now and seeing something with a damage higher than 200 is quite a sight…

    But there is a unique Bandit Brand rocket launcher that does over 80k; that over 80,000 damage…

    What is this i don’t even.

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