This Incredible Technology Lets You Play Minecraft In Real Life

Wow. This is truly incredible. It's a set of real life, carefully designed Minecraft blocks — fitted with all kinds of sensors — that allow players to 'mine' with a plastic hammer. They have typical Minecraft 'mining' damage textures projected onto the blocks themselves, making the block look as though it's being destroyed like in the game! If that all sounds a little confusing, you should just watch the video and be amazed.

Apparently this is the end result of some hard work by one Ben Purdy. He dedicated this flawless victory to all the people who said his project was being faked.

"I would like to, in no sarcastic manner what-so-ever, officially dedicate this to all the people who commented on my original minecraft block video and accused me of faking it via green screens, after effects, black screens, blue screen, gray screens, etc," he wrote. "Looking forward to comments that the whole thing is staged and all those people are actors that are just pretending to hit the blocks..."

Apparently the whole project took roughly 20 hours of work, most of which was spent fitting the sensors correctly. Nice job Ben, we love it!

Thanks Boing Boing


    Looks like a blast. Truly minecraft has inspired the finest in interactive gaming

    Looks pretty boring.

    hahaha would be fun to have a go at the with some competitive mates :P

    great idea, now it would be nice to have it internally projected

    Man, the ManaBar in Brisbane needs to get a set of those. It'd be completely awesome!!

    Honestly, I don't see anything "incredible" about this technology. It also looks mega boring.

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